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The executions are on the rise - an increase by 107 thousand!

Literally at the last minute and served in large creditors of its proposals to launch execution, the fear is that in a month and a half you will be able to choose an executor. In the first ten months of this year, thanks to the greatly increased number of initiated foreclosures.

As shown in the statistics of the Ministry of Justice, lenders compared to last year started the same period a whopping 107,000 more foreclosures until the end of October total was 743,000.

For all of last year was initiated while 776,000 foreclosures, which was at least the last three years. The record in this respect was the year 2011 when 959,000 were issued enforcement orders.

Reduction in remuneration

Chamber of Executors sees the huge number of foreclosures in the amended decree on tariffs law. As a result, lawyers and lenders tried to bring the greatest number of proposals before the beginning of July this year, the Ministry of Justice and Law strictly limit the amount of compensation claims in small claims up to 50 thousand.

Lenders are afraid

Our address lawyers then blame the rise and the territoriality of the upcoming executors. This would reflect the increased number of foreclosures initiated, which did not stop even after July of this year, the entry into force of the amendment to the latter. "As is evident from the statistical data increases compared to last year continued during the holidays and did not stop in October 2014 . From July to October 2014 was launched on nearly 30,000 foreclosures over last year for the same period of time, "says spokeswoman Catherine professional website Procházková, adding that lawyers cooperating with proper for this escalating trend clearly perceive the fear of creditors of practical Impact upcoming territorial jurisdiction executors.

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Photo: Table of execution, it is a comparison by month for the years 2013 - 2014
(Source: Ministry of Justice)

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