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Festivals Around the World in Prague again

On the weekend 22 to 23 November to welcome the National House in Smíchov thousands of visitors, which in addition to lectures festival will also offer exotic food, unique performances by foreign artists, invite them to meetings with interesting people, to interactive workshops of traditional crafts SE Asia or Africa and offers the option purchase traditional products from Mexico, Peru, Indonesia and Nepal.

Countries on all continents, fifty commented projections, photographs from inaccessible places in the world, traveler's meeting, the foreign guests. All this and much more brings the biggest holiday traveler in the Czech Republic - a festival around the world.

What awaits you this year?

The festival this year has moved to the National House in Smíchov
The lecture will man who crossed China. His video saw 12 mil. People
Another attraction will be the biker, 22, who drove to Kyrgyzstan and back
The two-day festival will offer 50 lectures and rich accompanying program
traditional dances from exotic countries, dance and handicraft workshops, presentations exotic restaurants, tasting Dominican rum or Peruvian "chicha morada" and "pisco sour"
Special 3D projection from India and Venezuela

Thanks to the tutelage of Prague 5 and Mrs. Dr. deputy mayor. Mary Ulrich - Hakenová we have the honor to introduce foreign guest of the festival, Christoph Rehage, who managed to walk across China from east to west. Exactly one year took its 4646 km long journey with a trolley on wheels, during which experienced an incredible amount of experience. Particularly emotive as his meetings with people living in small villages far from civilization .. His experience is enriched mainly by Christoph speaks fluent Chinese. With its two-hour a lecture will perform on Saturday, 22. 11. 2014 in 17 hours. It will include legendary video "The Longest Way" , which the Internet was seen by more than 12 million people.

Other special guests of the festival will be actor John Reva and Paul Fox, who set off on a motorcycle through the mountains of the Caucasus and back. Milan Jeglík present project to save tigers in Sumatra in Indonesia, Roman Burda visitors can discover the mysterious rituals of the natives of the Omo River basin in southern Ethiopia, Peter John Juračka filmed bezpilotovým helicopter landscape national parks in Uganda. Sasha Ryvolová month went wild in the mountains of Papua New Guinea between the mysterious Korovaji. The festival will screen a 3D movie from Venezuela and audio-visual show of the Himalayas.

Among the stars will include young biker Dominica Gawliczková (22 years) from Havirov, which itself went on a 12,000 km long expedition to Kyrgyzstan and back on a small motorcycle.

Alone on a motorcycle in Kyrgyzstan and back

Thirteen thousand kilometers alone on horseback small motorbike on the way to the borders of China. This is the longest Czech female solo motorcycle design, which is issued only Dominic, 22, Gawliczková. For a young biker was challenging journey from beginning to end. She began hunting for visas and information to travel, adventure continued border crossings and driving endless wastes of Kazakhstan in the summer heat Kyzyl Kum desert, a place where, according to the guides published in the summer just a big fool or unfortunate. The highlight of the trip was the Tian Shan mountains in the translation of Heaven, and above all truly heavenly trip to Lake Song Kul which is surrounded by beautiful nature Kyrgyz, yurts and horses.

"When I founded the festival, or I hoped it would be so successful and important people. Today, after 10 years of its existence, it is one of the biggest events of the year of travel, which People come from all over the country. I hope that this will inspire you to travel and at the same time bringing awareness of other cultures and often endangered natural treasures, "said
Charles Wolf, founder of the festival.

Dances of Indonesia and carnival masks from the Dominican Republic

Among the projections with exotic dancers will dance. Present as such. Dance from Indonesia, carnival masks from the Dominican Republic, or dances from Thailand, Reunion, Mauritius, India or China. Premiere performances will also Sumatran traditional Saman dance, 11 dancers who showcase the group Kintari.

On the main stage of the festival is in store for visitors and singing performances famous Chinese singer Feng-yun Song or Korean folk dance "Wild rice" from the American dancer Peggy Choy.

"Traditional crafts such as Indonesian batik production or African jewelry you can try Visitors on site. Cap of Alpaca, earrings Peruvian stones or decorative objects from Africa, then you can also buy directly at the stands, "said Charles Wolf. Ready is also a range of stalls with exotic dishes from many countries of the world and will not miss a Dominican rum, or Peruvian drink "chicha morada" or "pisco sour".

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