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Less salt relieves veins. Five tips on how to do it

Most people still more salt than is healthy. The average intake of this substance is to twenty times higher than the recommended values. Excessive consumption of sodium this causes fluid retention in the body and thus to many health complications.

Common salt is the main source of sodium in the diet. This mineral is responsible for fluid balance in our body. Sodium keeps the volume of body fluid and participates in the regulation of blood pressure. It, however, causes excessive consumption of water retention and increase blood pressure which significantly burdens the vascular system . The result can be swelling of the feet or worsening symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, including varicose veins. The average dietary receive several times the amount of salt than is needed. Although it occurs naturally in many foods, bigger problem, however, is artificially added to the salt cans, etc. blanks. The highlight of the glaciers are fast-food chains, whose products contain high amounts of sodium.

Restrictions that health benefit

Try it in your diet to eliminate salty foods and reduce the amount of salt used in cooking. Use sea salt rather than a common kitchen, rather it contains more minerals and other less sodium.
Some foods may not taste salty, but still contain high amounts of sodium. When shopping it is therefore advisable to check the label.
Buy things with a low content of this substance, nowadays such products are properly labeled. Beware of salt substitutes, are made ​​of potassium, which can cause problems for individuals potassium diet .
Do not be afraid to experiment. Food can be flavored differently, like various spices, herbs, lemon, garlic, ginger, vinegar and pepper.
Try to prepare homemade dishes. Dishes prepared from individual ingredients contain far less salt than canned or semi-finished products. Ready meals on a plate nepřisolujte.

Risk of excessive salting is its unobtrusive and stealthy influence on the human body. The high pressure of blood and fluid retention is not cause health problems right away, but, for example, for several decades. You do not put salt forever, just limit its everyday use, for which you will thank especially the cardiovascular system.

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