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Librarians adventure series starts. In the States in our country.

Even before the end of the year will enter the television screen new narrative and exciting spectacle. Librarians adventure series (The Librarians) for all lovers of smart action movies with a dash of humor and mystery will delight audiences of ten parts.

The first, called Crown of King Arthur, with us already starts December 8, 2014 at 21.30 pm on Universal Channel: Prime Minister of the Czech and Slovak Republic to take place just 24 hours after the inauguration ceremony of the United States.
Exceptionally rapid deployment to other television series in more than hundred countries in the world matches its high quality and viewer success that his producers now predict.

These Librarians are certainly no bores Smothering dusty volumes. Especially when it leads spruce Noah Wyle known from the TV series ER or movie A Few Good Men, Flynn Carsen: Chasing the Spear of Destiny. The Metropolitan Library as a librarian Flynn Carsen has to rescue ancient treasures hidden underground world of this esteemed institution. Reliable employee thus becomes a action hero, immerses himself in a plot full of magic and supernatural forces, and with the help of the knowledge of ancient civilizations, languages ​​and cultures reveals unseen mystery ...

Strong male energy balances intrepid Carsen beautiful and experienced agent antiterrorist units Eva Baird presented by model and actress Rebecca Romijn and other auxiliary remarkable team of librarians - closed scientist, hospital cleaning woman with unusual mental abilities and a first-class thief. Those in the very first episode of Crown King Arthur fighting for his life, when the last of all three candidates for Librarians yet escape the mysterious murders. And all of them together are busy: for if their mission fails, the world will be plunged into a dark age.

Exciting and funny at the same time show filmed best film technique in the spirit of the famous adventures of Indiana Jones inspired the globally successful film trilogy Flynn Carsen named after the main character of the story.

Noah Wyle

A winning American actor Noah Wyle, whose full name is Noah Strausser Speer Wyle, gained fame as Dr. John Carter in the series ER, which NBC aired 15 years. His performance won five times the price Emmy® nominations and three Golden Glóbus®.

He has also appeared in such films as White Oleander (White Oleander), Enough, Donnie Darko, The Myth of Fingerprints (Fingerprints), Swing Kids (Svingaři), A Few Good Men (A Few Good Men) or Pirates of Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley). Previously (from r. 2004) worked on the film series The Librarian (Flynn Carsen) which has today become a television series of 10 episodes. Wyle except the acting bunch, he served as executive producer.

Wyle is dedicated to a number of public initiatives, such as acting as a national spokesperson Cover the uninsured Week, which is an unprecedented effort to inform the 44 million Americans who do not have health insurance. It is also involved in philanthropic projects, Doctors of the World, Human Rights Watch and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Wyle is also active in theater - acting as a creative producer of the Blank Theatre Company.
It is the second time married and the father of two children.


Czech premiere December 8, 2014 at 21.30 hrs. (On Universal Channel)
Premiere in the United States: December 7, 2014

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