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Best prices for electricity and gas: what really works?

Czech energy suppliers have begun in recent years, following the example of mobile operators expand its tariffs for electricity and gas supply. Most often promise to keep the same price energies for the duration of your contract, or that the supply of energy will always be cheaper than the competition. How are these fares orientation and neprohloupit?

First and foremost, we need to realize that low prices in this case always refers only to the price of the so-called electricity. The total amount you pay energy companies, however, still form the price for electricity distribution and other regulated constituents, which include contributions to support the production of electricity from renewable sources. These components set by the Energy Regulatory Office to its pricing decision, which is binding for all suppliers. On this portion of electricity is therefore not covered by any guarantee or promise of cheaper, the customer pays for each vendor as well.

Guaranteed lower prices

Although domestic suppliers can not affect the height of payment for distribution, they can better their offer more attractive price of electricity itself. One of the directions, which is attracting customers most commonly used are the so-called guaranteed lower prices. In the case of Bohemia Energy entity to its customers the company guarantees that keep electricity prices lower than what the customer pays for the traditional suppliers. However, it is the customer's responsibility to contract for a fixed term. "Best of Bohemia Energy entity means that you will have a yearlong bill by at least a penny cheaper than if you sourced the basic fare of dominance in the region," explains Peter WOFF, an analyst at the independent magazine .

For the dominant supplier in this case considered the five companies, which are ČEZ, RWE, E.ON, Prague and Prague Gas Energy. According to experts, it is advisable to get people interested in this type of tariff guaranteed always checked against what the supplier is guaranteed promised him. This may vary in different regions. Experts also point to possible shortcomings in the service offering some alternative suppliers. "If you choose an alternative supplier can expect another customer service than traditional companies. For example, the customer will have a branch in the case of Bohemia Energy entity to Prague, "explains Peter WOFF.

Fixed guaranteed (fix) prices

On another principle works tariffs for electricity and gas suppliers refer to as fixed or abbreviated as fix. In their case, the customer is clearly set forth the price at which absorb the energy, and the length of contracts concluded with the Contractor. Supplier and can no longer price or other conditions change or modify the tariff. "In this context, ie a price guarantee in the true sense of the word. The customer knows in advance how much to pay for energy, and for his contract with the supplier to the price of electricity will not change anything, "explains Vladimir Vacha, spokesman for E.ON

Fixed tariffs on the market offer a particularly large, established firms as suppliers. "Large suppliers makes a fixed subscription price for a fixed period. Apparently they want a guarantee that their customers will not go away quickly to the competition. Such a desire is understandable and quite fair: like the customer wants to be sure that energy nezdraží, supplier wants to make sure he will not lose his employer, "explains Peter WOFF. On the same principle as traditional fixed products suppliers also work offers some of the smaller companies. They promise, for example, that the cost of electricity or gas in the future will not increase, and in addition give the customer the option to leave at any time to the competition.

Choose and neprohloupit

Our product is guaranteed electricity supply launched in October also CEZ. With the new tariff Garant there is no customer for the duration of the contract price increase. CEZ moreover promises to further reduce the cost of electricity, cheaper if its own standard product line of electricity. Any developments on the energy market, such as cheaper competitors, so the new tariff rates directly affect Guarantor, unless to CEZ to decide. It is important to note that in this case the supplier shall compare the price of a guaranteed product to its own price list.

According to experts, moreover, it is unlikely that in the near future it will significantly reduce energy costs. "For example, the actual price of electricity on the wholesale exchanges this year stopped discounting, and maybe even no place to fall. Significant price reduction in 2015 is therefore unlikely, "said Peter WOFF. A similar view has also E.ON, which also points out that the possibility of price hike protects customers fixed tariffs: "If a customer chooses a fixed product, remains the payment for the same energy even in the event that the electricity and gas prices began to rise on the stock market , "adds Vladimir Vacha.

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