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Czechs learn more homeland, autumn attend theater and tasted wines

According to the National Heritage Institute (NHI) visited this Czech castles and about 133,000 more people than last year. Increased interest trippers experts attributed not only to favorable weather, but mainly Czechs decision to spend time traveling the country.

Although the monument season ended in November, however, people are attracted vintners and wine cellars are reminiscent of a significant historical event. According to the Union of Film Distributors also go to the movies more. I expect this year's blockbusters.

Czechs want to explore the cultural wealth of their country. National Heritage Institute summed all tickets purchased at the castles and the result is a report that this season was visited various monuments on average 17% more people than last year. For example, at Konopiště Křivoklát arrived with about 26,000 more people than in 2013. The biggest is still Karlstejn. Last weekend in October but the season ended and so people are looking for other alternatives to spend your leisure time.

The autumn season is ideal for wine tasting. Winemakers attract those interested in traditional cellars and wine quality in addition to offering information on wines and gastronomic experiences. Hundreds wine in South Moravia season started already at the Festival open cellars. "We're trying to festival visitors make contact, which keeps even after the event. Many of them are returning during the year when they have more space for the knowledge of our wines, winemaking philosophy and the entire region, "said winemaker Jiří Hort. Hort Winery other winemakers are now using, for example, focus on the right showing annual St. Martin's wine.

Increases attendance and wine baths, where visitors learn about wines from other sites. It's all still in the picturesque countryside between the vineyards. "Wine spa in South Moravia seek most couples, the most abundant from early November. Visitors praise as wine procedures and old wine cellars, "said Karel Pospíšilík of Internet portal

On closed and castles where cleans and repairs, while the Czechs have the last weekend of October will not get it but according to the National Heritage Institute of interest in historical events in the rest of the year does not diminish. Now November is among commemorative events. On November 29 to 30 at Austerlitz held the traditional event, which involves the reconstruction of the famous battles of Napoleon Santon a memorial ceremony for fallen soldiers at the Peace Memorial. Every year it sees a 5 to 10,000 people.

"This scenario battle re-enactment will be paid engagements on the northern section of the battlefield, which is originally sight of Santon. An important role in the battle cavalry plays both sides. Will participate in approximately 1000 people, including about 40 to 60 riders and 10 to 15 works, "said event organizer Jakub Samek.

A battle people want to watch on movie screens. It is for the autumn and winter months exhibitors benefit most. In September came to the cinema almost 650 000 people, however fullest theaters in November and December. Last year in November, visited the cinema almost 1.1 million people. Stems from the statistics of the Union of Film Distributors. According to the director of the national chain of multiplexes CineStar Jan Bradáč attendance is high in these months and because distributors at the end of time's biggest hits. "In December, starts the third part of The Hobbit, which in my opinion will be in attendance to score most. In November also expect above-average audience interest in films storyteller, Interstellar, iron heart, a new part Hunger Games and The Penguins of Madagascar, "enumerated Bradáč.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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