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They left only the fear of bombs. People in Need helps 120 thousand people a month

The humanitarian situation inside Syria is further complicated. Every third Syrian refugee is in their own country. People fleeing armed conflict or bombardment and have nowhere to return, more than half of the people in Syria without work and other lost livelihoods. Due to the conflict, people suffering from food shortages for months and no electricity and no water. The delivery of aid is becoming increasingly difficult, but the People in Need, he consistently dedicated since 2012.

Syrian team of People in Need (PIN) with the support of Czech, British, Swiss and German governments, German organization Welthungerhilfe partner of Alliance2015 platform, the World Food Programme (WFP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and hundreds of donors SOS Syria and e -Shop real gift each month provides direct assistance to 120,000 people. "People come mainly food parcels, bread or food stamps. With our help, but may, for example, a primary school every month to attend 8800 children, "explains program coordinator PIN in Syria Jitka Škovránková." To do this, more than 300,000 people every month, we provide access to drinking water and 370 000 people refuse collection, "he adds.

Help getting even sixty Zahra from Syrian Aleppo. Operates 10 hours a day in a factory making plastics, where you will come a month per 1600 crowns. At the house where Zahra lived a few months ago fell barrel bomb. "The explosion was wounded my father, and since then the infirm. The rest of the family miraculously escaped without injury, "says Zahra.

After the sad experience with four daughters and her family moved closer to areas held by government troops. Near the front of battle and the local district and one of the deadliest in. "Everyone knows that these areas nebombardují because government troops are just 200 meters away," explains the rules of war Zahra former economic capital of Syria, where thousands of people have fled to the countryside or to Turkey.

"A few months ago it was a busy city where everything was available goods. Now it's a ghost town where food prices rose rapidly and most people can not afford. We are only left the fear of bombs, radicals and government troops, "says Zahra. Her flat is missing furniture, refrigerator, there's no water, so the water must with cans on the street, electricity does not work for four months. There is often no food and money, for which it could buy a large emergency is about drugs.

Syrian People in Need team provides Zahra and her family every day bread and also receives a package containing food for a family for a month. With the dearth of water is warm herself. According to the UN Aleppo has only a limited supply of drinking water for 2.5 million people, tens of thousands of people have to drink water from unprotected sources. People in Need is therefore trying to repair water pipes and pumps damaged by years of fighting.

Help People in Need in Syria

Syrian team PIN but also helps people who have fled to villages in Idlib province. In recent months, local vulnerable refugees also offers food vouchers. Each of selected most vulnerable refugees receive pad with 25 vouchers, each worth 500 Syrian pounds, which is about 70 crowns. Overall, the bills will get 1750 crowns for the purchase of basic food for a family for a month.

"Unlike food packages, people can choose themselves what to buy and enrich your diet such as meat and vegetables,"
says Head of Mission in Syria PIN Tomas Kocian. "This type of assistance also supports the local economy, as traders have a greater turnover "he adds.

The system also relishes Mohammmad Alsaied Yousef, who with his wife and three children fled from Aleppo to Idlib province. "I have very little family and I use mostly baby food or diapers for a week and we only need two kilograms of rice. What would I do with fifteen kilograms ?, "he says.

The choice is satisfied and Khaled Alhamade that due to the conflict lost his job and has to feed his wife and seven children. "Most spend on rice, oil, sugar, tea and canned vegetables and local food. It's great that I can choose and buy your example, baby food and bread, "he says. People in Need in this way helps each month 2,100 families from eight villages.

The greatest humanitarian crisis currently in numbers:
12.2 million Syrians acute need of humanitarian assistance
7.6 million people have had the fighting to flee their homes and now live in their own country as refugees
5.1 million children conflict directly intervened, children also make up half of all refugees
3.2 million people are registered in neighboring countries as refugees, there is a total of 4.4 million
4.6 million Syrians who acutely need help, live in hard to reach or besieged areas
191,000 people have died since the outbreak of the conflict in 2011

Source: tz PIN

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