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Bloating, cramps and rashes: You can make food allergy?

With food allergies are facing ever-increasing number of people, especially in adolescence. If you suspect a disease related to food intake, we bring you the basic manifestations of reactions to common foods. At the same time we will recommend tips on first aid, to help bring relief pending a possible allergy is confirmed.

The key to detect allergies is to recognize the symptoms mainly own attention as manifestations may occur even with distance hours. Manifestations addition may be different. Repeated or stable income allergen can cause chronic problems for which the diagnosis and detection of allergen crucial and very difficult point.

Bubbles disposed of silicon

Bloating and cramps are among the most common symptoms of food allergies or intolerance. In everyday life, however, we are paying for their vagueness. Most patients are in fact decides to solve these symptoms usually after several painful episodes. Allergic reaction is associated with a quality of food eaten, not its composition. "The first step of a man who is suspected food allergy or intolerance, is a diet which aims to eliminate the classical allergens, especially milk, gluten, egg, soy or nuts. In adults, of course, performed allergen tests, "explains Klara Minczinger company of Generica." The wind then have a positive effect with simethicone preparations. It is a compound of silicon, which is not absorbed and its effect leads to the merging of gas bubbles and easier going out of the body, "adds Minczinger.

Celiac disease is not an allergy, but has similar symptoms

Another unpleasant allergy symptoms are frequent bouts of diarrhea. Usually diarrhea caused trivial infections of the gastrointestinal tract. However, if the diarrhea lasts long, can already talk about an allergic reaction to any foodstuff. It is then the key to learn the allergen, specifically food or a combination thereof, which causes indigestion. In some cases it may be called diarrhea symptom of celiac disease, therefore the immune response to gluten, which induces inflammatory bowel disease. Here, however, many of allergy but on gastrointestinal diseases. In celiac disease, it is necessary gluten from the diet completely exclude a life. Diarrhea may also accompany true allergy to gluten, which in some cases may be life-long and sometimes even self-limiting. If you suffer from frequent bouts of diarrhea, do not forget primarily on regular replenishment of sodium and glucose. During diarrhea because there is a large loss of water, which is guided by the loss of salt in the organism. If, conversely, the body gets enough sodium, there will be water retention in the body. To sodium as easily absorbed, it is a good idea to take along with glucose. The pharmacy therefore can inquire after the effervescent tablet containing sodium and glucose.

When sugar unpleasant pay tax

The most common allergens that cause constipation, milk and sugar. A significant role is also played by a cocoa bean. These foods may cause spasm of the colon, which prevents normal excretion. "O constipation talking when there is no elimination for more than 3 days. In addition, if the absence of regular bowel movements, comes the risk of other health problems. Pollutants accumulated in the body can penetrate the blood back into the body and cause eczema, allergies and disease, "says Clara Minczinger of Generica company, which soon will launch a syrup containing concentrated juice from plums and figs, which are gentle laxative effect." V constipation is important to increase your fiber intake. The ideal, of course, fruits or vegetables. If you, however, to certain of these food allergy, it is good to take soluble fiber. It supports the activity of intestinal bacteria, which in turn have a positive effect on overall health, "adds Minczinger.

Skin like a picture digestion

Dermatological problems associated with food allergies can manifest differently. From classic rashes and itchy skin to swollen body parts, usually lips, or burning in the ears. The most common sign is burning and itching of the throat and oral cavity. In infants, is a typical manifestation lasting atopic eczema. The trigger is milk, eggs or gluten. Allergies can be caused by breastfeeding, and therefore allergen transmission from mother to child. Atopic dermatitis, unfortunately, is often accompanied by a child's life until adolescence. The recommended first aid creams and ointments containing a salt of pantothenic acid, which helps to regenerate skin. Excellent is, if they contain apricot oil. It has namely anti-inflammatory and soothing ekzematických manifestations of skin diseases. Skin problems, especially in children, but we recommend not to fight with symptoms only at home, but as soon as possible, consult a doctor.

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