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Seven myths about back pain. Where is the truth?

Back pain is a very common phenomenon - up to 80% of people with these problems sometimes in their life encounters. Just as often, however, are also myths that some back problems revolve. Do you know the seven most prevalent?

Myth 1 .: Always sit up straight

Truth: We all know that slouch in the chair for our bad back. However, if long sitting up straight and still, your back also appreciate. For pain relief from a long session sometimes try to lean back in her chair. The legs should remain on the ground and lower back should be slightly curved. Also, try to stand during the day (for example, when calling).

Myth 2 .: Never lift heavy objects

Truth: When lifting a heavy object, it is not only important his weight, but also how it lifting. When lifting, try to be as close to the subject and hunkers down on you. To lift then use the strength of your feet.

Myth 3 .: bed rest is the best medicine

Truth: bed rest may help the acutely injured or pulled back. But it is not true that with aching backs do not have to climb out of bed at all. Conversely, without moving, the pain can be exacerbated.

Myth 4 .: Back pain is caused only injuries

Truth: Diseases that cause back pain are very diverse - from the wound through a degenerative disease after infection.

Myth 5 .: Sport back pain worsens

Truth: Regular sport is to prevent back pain is very important. Even for acute back injury is sometimes recommended moderate exercise program that gradually gaining steam.

Myth 6 .: Hard mattress is better

Truth: Everyone prefers something else. A Spanish study showed that people sleeping on medium-firm mattress suffer from back pain less than those who sleep on the mattress too hard.

Myth 7 .: Low body weight, no pain

Truth: Being fit is the best prevention. Back pain is more common in people who are overweight. But too thin people are at risk of back pain. Especially those who suffer from an eating disorder.

Source: Rheumatic

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