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Traband leaves with a new album: Vlnobeat

Traband leaves with a new album: Vlnobeat Starting and released. Lovepunk Traband foreshadows a high octane number and proper consumption strings. The recording was named Vlnobeat and fourteen songs on her Jarda Svoboda Traband morphed into upbeat punk, radical love story and lyrical protest.

Beaty undulates and roam on the foundations of dance and rock rhythms, gasping feeling 60s psychedelia, country and miss over the tattered punk goes back to the basics of the best Traband. Compared to the previous albums shrunk příběhovosti epic songs and albums of the past now missing. You can get carried away on waves of emotion, joy and sadness, euphoria and disappointment - yet always with determination, "this joy not to marry" as the refrain of one of the songs.

Traband Vlnobeat recorded in his classic composition (tuba, trumpet and guitar-drums), supplemented with five string banjo player Radim Humla. Although bluegrass banjo evokes a country, Traband this tool grafted on rock and dance beats, sometimes extending to the psychedelic '60s. It was recorded in the studio Drums Michael Dietrich, whose musical past (Hypnotix, Babalet, Abraxas) also strongly influenced band.

The enthusiasm this time managed to capture perfectly the joy of recordings directly gushes as well as a reluctance to musical styles. Album Vlnobeat on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Traband exit from the garage. The celebration will take place on these special concerts:
11.27 Brno - Fléda - special guest Degenerate duo
9.12 Prague - Palace Akropolis - special guest Znouzecnost

List of concerts:
11.27 Brno, Fleda (CD release) (+ Degenerate duo)
11.28 Breclav, Piksla
11.29 Valašské Meziříčí, M-Club (Fru Fru +)
9.12 Prague, Akropolis (CD release) (+ Znouzectnost)
12.12 Uherské Hradiště, cinema Peace
19.12 Litomerice, pub U summer cinema
22.1. Prague - Malostranska discussion
23.1. Rychnov Jablonec n. Nisou - Restaurant Beseda
2.27 Pardubice - Theatre 29
14.3. Prague - Žižkov night
14.4. Prague - Malostranska discussion
15.4. Plzen - Under the lamp
16.4. K. Vary - Paderewski

Interview with Jarda Svoboda

First Vlnobeat is very energetic recording with a wide musical range and the last three recordings differs significantly. What caused such a shift?
On every album I try to capture a complete mood, a story that album was really the album, not just a hodgepodge of different songs. That's how I feel each and every album we can say that it is somehow different from others. I would not call it a shift, I'm not looking somewhere to move, but be as nejuvěřitelněji himself.

2. Text on the album is dominated by positive lyrics. Thus lyrically positive Jarda Svoboda almost do not remember. Where did that optimism? Intention was to create a positive album?

Well, I think is a lifelong optimist, so I am very speculate on whether the songs are optimistic or not. The intention was to create a good album ... Yeah, I wanted to write something against the "stupid Czech mood" about eternal whining and complaining. And I was banned for once epic stories in the lyrics and tried to name something broader, something that is not just on the fringes of society, but what is inside it.

3. It is equally a "radical" position against the establishment in texts last heard at Hyjé, and even there not as much. Radicalized even the author himself?
What I sing, I stand behind it. It's my civic attitude, which sometimes makes it clear when I have the need. If it's radical, do not know and do not care. Although ... one of the alternate names for this album were militants. So yes, I suppose I need to say out loud that I want to live in a society where love triumphs over truth, lies and hatred.

4th Vlnobeat also represents a new permanent guest Traband banjo player Radim Humla. How did his hosting?

Radim known for many years, I noticed him in Pilsen band other, which was about a bunch of extraordinary musician, songwriter and arranger Prem Haase. I liked how love playing the five-string banjo. No such classical bluegrass way, but more rock and funky. So we made ​​good use of his skill on our board.

5. Information that the album is a banjo, could give the impression that Traband returns to the album Hyjé. But Vlnobeat itself refers to a completely different places for the dance music, sometimes for up to psychedelic rock. The whole album sounds like let's talk music and especially no precedent. Is that so?
Yeah, that's well said. Come sir, we'll play. We musical styles and genres never really tackling, in fact only when our music publicists pushed into a pigeonhole. For example, several years I have almost all interviews had to be repeated, "but we're not playing Balkan brass band," as well sometimes it was to no avail. In fact, stealing all styles of music that interest us, including the brass, and do with them what we know and what we enjoy. And so on Vlnobeatu shake hands with the Beatles and U2 Jožo caliber with Jirina Bohdalová.

6th Songs hiding many different musical quirks and references. Recording was prepared by carefully recording or rather, it was a little too jam session?
Musical improvisation, I think, is our forte and careful preparation in the laboratory has not at all. Some of the songs were created or took on the form in the studio a few improvised seats remained there, but in general terms - as with any TRABAND recordings - a compromise between spontaneity and intention.

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