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When winter comes, or how to prepare the house for the first frosts

Once the first frost hits, it may be too late to ask whether we have done everything really perfect for preparing our home for the winter. Although it is best to think of housing provision in advance and pay him comprehensively throughout the year, not just before the onset of winter we are not without a chance of redemption. Give you tips that can help orient the most important measures before the onset of sub-zero temperatures outside.

If you live in a new, older house or want to winterize inhabited year-round recreation building, we will always have to focus on roughly the same measures. They relate mainly to roofs, chimneys, windows, doors and heating system. If we underestimate the need not just during the first frosts occur on a dramatic scenarios, such as a leaking roof or a broken boiler. "Miserable life, however, lead and seeming details, among which in the winter season include leaking joints in windows and entrance doors or frost untreated lock on the garage door, "said Marketing Manager Lomax Lubomír Valenta." A lot of worries, however, we can save you in advance that you choose to construction materials and products in the design and quality that has only minimal demands on winter maintenance, "he added Valenta.

Reliable roof makes the house really safe

The basis autumn controls each roof should be visual inspection of the state of covering, which especially at longer serving materials may appear loose tiles or clogged drainage system. Check we should also all the details of the roof structure, which means ridge, valley and corner roof, where very often leaking through leakages. Make sure before winter that traces the Prussians water from the roof construction are not apparent anywhere in the interior is in place, especially in the case of residential attic. An important exterior safety measures each roofs are then installed elements serving as protection against a lot of snow. You obviously correspond to the climatic conditions prevailing the site. In the Czech Republic, the 400 meters above sea level with no need for roof mounted snow guard. In areas of higher, ie 600-900 meters above sea level, it is however necessary to install a special gripper and dispersers snow. Snow barriers in these areas is recommended to place on any roof with a slope greater than 10 degrees.

The chimney must see a specialist

In the case of chimneys is the fourth year required by law to perform regular annual inspections, and a person so professionally competent. That it must be recorded according to the legislation in the form of "Report on the inspection or cleaning the flue gas path." The rules for maintenance of the chimney can get acquainted in detail in NV 91/2010 Coll. §4, which are determined intervals for cleaning the chimney flue and the whole journey. Cleaning the flue gas path theoretically Every user can own, but it is generally not recommended. It is always better to leave this activity specialist, otherwise it may cause irreversible damage. Chimneys larger dimensions, it is appropriate to obtain the best permanent roof. Do chimney is liable for the winter penetrate relatively large amounts of water, which usually manifests stains on the plaster interior walls.

Leaky doors and windows escapes to half the heat loss

Doors and windows are part of the house, which we mostly through regular maintenance cleaning lenses and frames. In addition, we, however, before the winter should check whether we Door and window sashes move correctly, and if close enough. For most existing doors and windows, whether of plastic, wood or aluminum, although it is possible to make any adjustment by the manufacturer's instructions, but such action requires experience. Given that the amateur surgery may significantly worsen the situation, it is best to consult with a specialist company to handle adjustment without unnecessary complications. The greatest attention should we pay check seal condition, especially in older products. "It leaks filling of building openings such as windows and doors, reducing the temperature in critical areas such as frame and lining in the immediate vicinity, up a few degrees. In such cases, this can lead to condensation, wetting reveals, mold and other serious problems that are mistakenly attributed to poor quality products, "said Lubomir Valenta.

Poor seals are therefore mostly to do with the poor quality of doors or windows. It can also cause a buildup of dirt and seal damaged from poor maintenance. Therefore it should seal against cold treated and the perimeter frame and wings. This is useful, for example silicone-based lubricants. Although drivers caring seal on the door of the car that was soft and nepřimrzala, windows home neošetří. "Unfortunately, we often find that when servicing windows found in the hardware for several years old plaster of masonry incorporation. The customer is then surprised that they have to change the damaged parts of hardware, which is considerably more expensive. In addition, quite unnecessarily, "said Valenta.

The heating system requires periodic maintenance

Whether the thermal comfort of our living, we provide gas, electricity and solid fuels, before the winter season, we should certainly check the boiler. Like maintenance chimney, attention should be paid flue, especially in the case of gas boilers. You should ideally have with the incoming autumn undergo revisions professional, preferably in an authorized service center that specializes directly on the brand of the boiler, which we own. Very popular are currently condensing boilers which can be described as very efficient, but also complex technical equipment. Every year it is therefore well as other types of heaters inspect inspection techniques, which examines the state of the burner, heat exchanger, tightness of the combustion chamber and flue and make the correct adjustment of the boiler. Thanks to professional inspection will be sure that the boiler will operate safely in the winter, thereby also significantly extend its life.

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