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The dreaded bullying: pursuit, also your child?

Bullying is a serious problem. Šikanovaného individuals can affect the rest of his life. Revealed bullying is not far from easy, because he usually actively prevents not only the attackers but also the victim. Still, there are some warning signs that parents should not be overlooked.

Bullying in many forms

Experts describe as bullying behaviors in order to threaten or intimidate bullying a person who does not know or can not hinder or hurt her. Attacks can be both physical and psychological nature, from insults, slander, threats, humiliation through beatings, extortion, damaging things to robbery, or even sexual abuse. New forms of bullying also offers a modern means of communication such as the internet and mobile phones.

Discover warning signs

Although the sacrifice of their suffering usually speak, parents may highlight certain signs of bullying. They include the following:
child does not have friends with which to spend time,
is more at home, do not go out as before,
comes home for him and classmates child itself is invited to visit the others,
child does not want to go to school before, but I went into it likes, schooling avoids all sorts of ways (for example, simulates a fever thermometer handling)
noticeable is the loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping , loss of interest in learning, impaired concentration,
the child is listless, sad or mood swings, talking about a possible suicide, refusing to confess what was bothering him,
may also be unusually aggressive parents or siblings,
there are complaints of abdominal pain , headache, vomiting morning,
child goes to school and from school by the shortest route, or alternates various ways, begging for import or driven,
walking home from school hungry (aggressors him take a snack or money for lunch)
often asks for money or stealing home,
complains about the loss of personal belongings.

If you suspect that your child might be bullied, do not try to resolve the situation only yourself and contact the school. It will take the necessary steps, if necessary, recommend a visit to a child with professionals who specialize in bullying.

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