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Time Christmas parties are coming. How to avoid unnecessary faux pas?

Time Christmas parties are coming. How to avoid unnecessary faux pas? The end of the year and with it comes corporate Christmas parties is really at the door. For many corporate parties are a social necessity, for more formality and again for another pleasant abreaction and release after months full of hustle and bustle.

Either way, participants should definitely not forget to label - appropriate clothing, social behavior and temperance. After all, even if the party still goes to work subtext. So take a few basic points of etiquette and prevent unpleasant faux pas, which would be at other parties 'remembered'.

Toast and "free" conversation

Corporate Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to meet and employees or departments that together normally do not come into contact. The party should generally begin toast owner or director of the company, and Chairman of the Board. And then follows the so-called free conversation. Although it may seem that it is one of the most enjoyable parts of the parties, the opposite is often true. Even such small talk should have its own level, and especially, when it should be respected label.

Even in the area outside the company does not violate the basics of etiquette such as tykání a formal language. If you are the boss Vyka, even if it is the same old or younger person, pay attention to the formal language and a party. "Free conversation should be characterized mainly by the opportunity to talk informally with a supervisor or management of the company, and certainly would not slide to familiarity loud laughter during a call or inappropriate attitudes, such as with folded arms or hands in their pockets, "says etiquette expert Hana Vydrová.

What is a party (not) talk

And what was actually fun at the party? Although it may seem that this issue is trivial, it is often call a proper management of one of the biggest risks. Suddenly, everyone at the party from the company, and if the office "talking" to some of your colleagues or "solve" his superiors at the party's somehow not due to their presence.

Certainly, however, a party is not lawful to talk about financial issues, salary, bragging to him or vice versa complaining about the state of payslips. "Even a casual conversation with your boss is not the appropriate moment for a request for a higher salary or more off. We should not disassemble the dismal family situation, illness or ever so popular "who with whom". Not even solve the political situation which may occur between supporters of different opinions result in a violent quarrel. High-risk is also a religion. Suitable topics are, however, hobbies, holidays, kids and family (if at home right) simply has more personal than that is the time at work. However, omit matters too intimate, "says Hana Vydrová.

How to dress for the Christmas party

Christmas company parties are usually informal affairs, but it is sure a suitable dress. Men should be walking shoes and a jacket that can be combined with other pants than those of the suit. "Of course there would be men's shirts, under which they would certainly not shine through white tank top or t-shirt. This can be done by selecting the so-called invisible flesh-colored vests. Conversely, at an evening meeting at all out of the question shirt, even under his jacket, "explains Vydrová.

Women are in informal parties the opportunity to choose from several options outfits. They can choose between trousers or skirt, blouse or between Tope and is also permissible light sweater. "However, it remains that women should definitely not be visible underwear. This again helps invisible undershirt that it does not show, with even the top on that follows the shape of the body, it is not noticeable. Appropriate footwear are then shoes or heels, "says an expert on etiquette and dress. Shoes should always have a closed toe and heel of the events which must happen not be too high.

Frugality not only in speech

The pitfall party are also increasing hours and alcohol consumption. It is recommended to keep your level still, after all, this is still the company's land, therefore, to the inordinate drinking and alternating alcoholic drinks should we forget. Nothing to it does not change the fact that the leadership had long since left the party. This is usually the moment when the fun starts and more alcohol is consumed frequently begins. However, it remains that alcohol consumption should be such as if sitting next to us supervisor or company owner. Although already at this moment at a party need not be, we can be sure that the local Tom Toms work and the next day will have a detailed overview of the party as well as our favorite drinks.

From corporate parties divides us days. Think therefore advance to the little things that often play a bigger role than they admit. Enjoy the party with the refinement, whether it is for you to truly relax and not just the events for which we will later dimly remembered and we may even want to forget completely.

Tip: Corporate Christmas parties take place most often in terms of 15 to 21 December, so if you want these days go to a restaurant or pleasure, you should instead be booked in advance and verify whether these dates you selected firm vacancies or open.

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