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Impressive document Lean ladder of heaven. In January the cinema.

Five years charted director Jana Ševčíková life Slovak priest Marian Kuffa that his parish in a small village under the Tatras Žakovce cares about 250 people from the margins of society - the homeless, ex-prisoners, girls and boys from orphanages, disabled and abused mothers and children ..

Five years to the camera met as this remarkable man, who through the power of faith and self sacrifice saves people that no one else could help, as well as by the inhabitants of the parish - their stories and fates. The result is a remarkable and impressive document humanly Lean ladder of heaven, which after the festival premiered at the Karlovy Vary and MFDF Ji.hlava come January 22, 2015 in Czech cinemas. For Jana Ševčíková, which occupies a unique position among Czech filmmakers and his previous film Gyumri won the world series of film awards, this is the first directorial effort after six years.

"It's a film about the power of faith and the value of sacrifice, how much a person can go second, how much it loses, but how much it gets," says Jana Ševčíková. Tales of the homeless, alcoholics, junkies and other misfits used in the film in addition to its own strength and attractions as well as a mirror to conduct, life, faith and religious and personal philosophy priest. "I feel like a sinking ship. Pull one and the other ducks. But where is lifejacket? I'll keep it behind the plate, it vykloubím hand that grabs the hair, the next leg, second hand, pull back elbow hurts, no Bonton, simply catching them to live, "says Marian Kuffa himself.

The theme of the document multiplies impressive camera Jaromíra Duck, which the pastor often captures the background silhouette of the High Tatras, as well as original music Clarinet Factory, Alan Vitouš and Vladimir Martinka based on local themes.

Slovak Republic, where the document is presented in arthouse cinemas from November this year, vyvoval great interest and acclaim. Diary SME picture called "a remarkable documentary Westerns." Web stressed that "Jana Ševčíková film could truthfully story of a man who gives marginalized people a second chance .... and artfully combined the priest duschovní links with social problems throughout society. "

The person Mariána Kuffa with Jana Ševčíková came in 2008, when he wandered with his family after Slovak and charismatic pastor, read about it in the newspapers before, she stopped. The five-minute meeting was finally an hour. "I asked if I can come back next time with a tape always before I decide to make a film, I need to know the people and the place. He told me that they do not call anyone or no hitting that everything is in God's hands, "said Jana Ševčíková in an interview dokrevue. cz. For the first time, then stayed over a fortnight, and then appeared in Zakovce throughout the year. "He told me how Zakovce formed, their lives and stories of people who have over twenty years here themselves. Similarly, I met with others. I had people to create their own space. Over time, they began to confide, some stories were pretty rough and cruel, "says Jana Ševčíková.

"After a while I realized that in a film about Mariane need to get beyond the parish. Find those people reach out to them at the moment they left the rectory, to show how they live, how they relate to the rector, the Žakovcům, "he
continues. And so the director took the road to grip both sides - watched Marian priest with all his efforts and the way it is with people, and on the other hand, watched and dove into the stories of people who helps or helped. "As this opportunity arose for me to create a multi-layered portrait," says Jana Ševčíková. "A film about Zakovce and Mariano was all about for me resurgence of inner joy and meaning of life. Sense of humility. Sense of sacrifice. Because Marianas it was not just words, but life itself with a cross on his back, "says the director.

Jana Ševčíková was born April 22, 1953 in Prague. She graduated from the Secondary School of Film in Cimelice and in 1983 the Film Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Prague, documentary department. Jana Ševčíková has an exceptional position among documentary filmmakers. Ever since the school had problems with his vision of the world nekonjukturálním, attempting to keep an eye on the merits. Among the experts is valued as an original talent and personality outside normal standards and classification. It is completely independent and realizes only projects that it believes is a "must make", mostly in their own production, which was formerly Czechoslovakia extremely difficult. J. Ševčíková has a significant interest in ethnography and living in difficult conditions. Her films evoke the fundamental questions of human existence that affect the person as an individual and as a member of society anywhere in the world.

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