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The oldest ferry in Bohemia opened after a few centuries

The oldest ferry in Bohemia opened after a few centuries Who has a soul just bites romance, it probably entice reopened ferry to extraordinary sailing around the Berounka ...

Historical documents stored in Zbraslavská monastery evidence of a ferry until 1158. It is the oldest ferry demonstrably documented in Bohemia. Unique cruises during Advent began on Friday and the last boat hit the Berounka last Advent Sunday, December 21.

"In the festive season we wanted to prepare the festive experience and we renewed the historic ferry which offers, dare I say, really extraordinary voyage on one of the most beautiful courses we have," says Zdeněk Bergman, head of Prague Venice.
During the forty-minute cruises Kazi is seen across the valley from Berounky Černošice footbridge to mokropeskému weir. The six-kilometer route is accompanied by commentary captain of documented history, perhaps the legendary černošických river bath, but also a reputation that is associated with the landscape.

"Scuds, for example under a rock, where according to legend, became Slavic fortified Kazín, seat stepping daughters Kazi. Interpretation however, reveals and curves of the river, where one would have noticed and whose history is that commonly knows very little," says Zdeněk Bergman dubbed Ferryman Prague .

Ferry Mokropsy - Černošice sails every day 12 to 21 December from 10am every hour. The last ferry then starts at 15 pm. Other candidates may proceed after ten minutes at the bus stop at the marina beach and half an hour of leaving the dock Mokropsy Lipence. Advent fare for a cruise with costs 80, - CZK adult and 40, - CZK child. Discounted family ticket for two adults and three children will cost 150 crowns. Organizers point to the need for a reserve larger number of people. Kazi ship can also be booked for special educational cruises for schools, or sailing on demand with refreshments.

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