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Commentary: Christmas Eve versus Eve, the Christmas holiday, the Czechs are willing to pay

Christmas holiday break out soon. More and more Czechs used this period to go to foreign winter holiday. A profile of two camps tourists, one set off to exotic destinations for sun, others heading to the ski resorts. Demand for Christmas and New Year's Eve, however, differs. While spending Christmas Eve travelers prefer warm for the new year celebrations tend to vote for the mountains.

Christmas time has in tourism its specifics and preferences of travelers in this term significantly spill over. Demand Czechs are different not only from the usual winter terms, but also changes during these holidays. Although spend Christmas Eve on holiday abroad is becoming increasingly popular, as well as Czechs this year rather tend to leave their New Year's Eve celebrations. Interest stays on New Year's Eve is more than double the tours over the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Day swim in Egypt's Eve skiing in Austria

In general we can say that the demand for winter holiday ski trips lead over exoticism, it is the ratio of 60 to 40. The exception is Christmas. Tourists who embark on their vacation before Christmas Eve, they choose exotic locations - this is the most popular in Egypt. Conversely, on New Year's Eve leading ski resorts, are currently the most popular Austrian Alps. A variation in preferences are substantial. While on Christmas form stays in Egyptian resorts 15% of total sales for this term in the travel agency Invia and New Year's share drops by a full 7 percentage points. In the case of tours to Austria difference is even more pronounced. On Christmas Eve, form stays in the Austrian Alps a total of 14%, while on New Year's Eve proportion is increased by 13 percentage points.

Tourists spend the most for a holiday over Christmas Eve, and over 20 thousand

Differences in demand during the Christmas holidays also correspond to variations in the amount they are willing tourists to invest their holidays. In total sums are also reflected surcharges charged by hotels for those exposed dates. Clients travel agency Invia to their normal winter holiday season 2014/2015 invest an average of 11 332 CZK per person. In contrast, for the New Year holidays, tourists spend an average of 17 269 CZK per person. For trips over Christmas, the average amount even 20 589 CZK per person, ie CZK 9,000 more than in normal winter periods and more than 3000 New Year's Eve. The reason is not higher the price, but the fact that at Christmas, people usually travel on a higher number of days and distant countries.

Most desirable are advantageous tours with wellness services and facilities for children

As the deadline approached Christmas with travelers who have not yet selected their stay, faced with the problem of capacity is sold out. The traditionally offers the fastest disappearing attractively priced tours. In the case of ski stays then it is most interested convenient stays at the hotel or apartments that are located near the slopes and also offers a wider additional services, such as swimming pool, wellness center and facilities for children. Among the exotic destinations are less accessible countries in which it was contracted less capacity. Currently in terms of the Cape Verde Islands, UAE, Zanzibar or Mexico.

People who are willing to pay extra for the Christmas holiday, however, need not worry. The longest menu is still at hotels a higher price category. They pick but also tourists who do not have the precise requirements for their holidays and adapts to the choice of time or location.

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