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Again Christmas?

Just before Christmas, apparently, one realizes how time is relative magnitude ... This year again came a little earlier than last year! Is it possible? It is, and we have to blame ourselves, because we can not apply the brakes in his experience, in his desires, your expectations ..

Yet since Christmas we expect something special, something different than other occasion holidays, anniversaries and celebrations. I wish it were the other and this year we brought some thoughts about their meaning, even the memory of Karel Jaromír Erben and tried to cheer each other and cheer as their animal species ...

We can start discretion to carp, which traditionally belongs to the Czech Christmas table. Yes, it is a living thing, however, is determined at the gala dinner, although some may prefer to give salmon or steak. Salmon or piggy unlike carp sold on the streets. And that the traditional sale of carp was conducted adequately supervise the veterinary inspectors of Regional Veterinary Administrations and Municipal Veterinary Administration in Prague.

How has this activity looks? Seller up to 7 days before the launch of the vets announce when and where the fish will be sold. This announcement is not charged. Seller must always have proof of where the fish were recently relayed. Separate selling point must be located and equipped so that the handling of fish conforms to standards of animal health and welfare requirements of their and that all activities associated with the sale of fish were carried out in adequate hygienic conditions. Of course vats must still be fresh flowing (oxidizing) and water tanks must not be overfilled!

If sellers do kill fish, chef and portioning, or otherwise regulate, must have a good clean and disinfect countertops knife, a mallet to stun fish spatula, an adequate supply of potable water to wash work desk, waste water into drains and impermeable , closed and labeled containers for solid animal byproducts (guts, gills, etc.).

Conditions for sale and killing of fish down animal health rules, especially the law to protect animals against cruelty. And that's how these provisions are met, every year on the streets of control inspectors Regional Veterinary Administrations or Municipal Veterinary Administration in Prague. We can confirm that the sales culture of fish and even the level of hygiene sales from year to year noticeably better.

Carp must be stunned before slaughter,
and blunt object on top, ie. Just above the eyes, and then must immediately follow the intersection between bleeding gills, or intersection between the spinal cord and blood vessels just behind the head. That should not carp alive odšupinovávat, edging him eggs or milt, threatening eyes, or take it for lids, it is perhaps no longer necessary to deliver.

Seller and whoever kills the fish to the customer, ie. A person who kills fish, kitchen or cut up, must have a health certificate, personal protective equipment (washable apron, rubber boots and rubber gloves), proper equipment sale.

Treating live fish's not as simple as it might seem at first glance, it is good to her last moments of life entrust to hand specialists - carp get your kill, and even vomit and not to cause him unnecessary stress through loss of home and then suffering through awkward killing ...

Do not be, perhaps with some satisfaction, to say that today it is almost never "benefactors" who would like to give life carp that it discharged into a river or pond. With many years of public education is already sufficiently known that at least 70% of such dedicated carp die because vylačněný carp is not able to after discharge in the river or pond to survive and usually die.

And who would like to pass the animals would do well to hang the birds fat spheres are the seeds of a tree in the garden or in the park.

Nice Christmas time!

Source: SVS tz
Tz Author: Josef Duben, printing. SVS spokesman

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