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Prague zoo this year contributed 11 thousand old mobile phones to protect gorillas

Protecting Cameroon bookings and lowland gorillas. This is the main objective of the project "Bring old cell phone - support the guardian of the forest", which is in its fourth year together account REMA and Prague Zoo. Now that this year it vysbírala 11,000 mobile phones from which will travel more than 110 thousand crowns on equipment guardian Dja Biosphere Reserve. In addition to zoos in the project involves more people, but also as schools.

The project called "Bring old cell phone - support forest guardian" is currently involved already 15 zoos in the Czech Republic. Only the Prague Zoo, which is the leader of the project, this year handed over 11 thousand mobile phones. The purpose of the project is to collect as many retired mobile devices. In their production because of the use African ore coltan, whose mining causes environmental destruction forest species. "Rare lowland gorillas are so threatened by mining ore and from the acquisition of tantalum, which is used to produce miniature capacitors. These capacitors are then used in the manufacture of mobile phones and other electronic devices, "said David Vandrovec from REMA, which deals with the taking back of electrical equipment and batteries. "We have therefore decided that for every mobile phone surrendered the project will contribute CZK 10 for the acquisition of equipment for the guards Cameroon Dja Biosphere Reserve, who protect the gorillas," he added Vandrovec that recycling of tantalum contained in mobile phones will also be reduced consumption of its primary mining.

The project throughout the year prepared various competitions for school children. This year: a large three-stage game called "Become a guardian of the forest". From early April to late October and children's groups competed in several tasks. The aim of the first phase, which ran from April to June, was to collect as much of old mobile phones. The second phase, which started in late June, took place again in the form of interactive games portal "The children had collected a total of 5588 pieces. To protect the gorillas and in the first and second stages poputovalo more than 55 thousand crowns, "said Vit Kahle, Head of Marketing and PR, Prague Zoo, adding that in the last stage managed to collect a total of 541 old mobile phones.

The "Bring old cell phone - support the guardian of the forest" in the Czech Republic has been operating for four years. Every year several thousand collected old mobile phones, through which travels to Africa to thousands of dollars. "Over the last three years we vysbírali nearly 20,000 mobile phones. To protect the gorillas and we almost have contributed $ 200 thousand, "said David Vandrovec that in 2015, the project and other related games continue." Visitors to the zoo can be used, for example by Happy Mondays, thanks to the possibility, who they bring old cell phone, get 1 entry for the crown. Offer is valid on Mondays always in selected months, "said Vít Kahle.

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Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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