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Nine tips on how to resist the Christmas stress

Besides friends and family to your home for Christmas can also visit two uninvited guests: stress and depression. We bring you practical advice on how not to let them cross the threshold and fully enjoy your holidays.

Not surprisingly, it is Christmas, what with stress and depression are concerned, risk period. Floats for us had a dizzying number of requirements: shopping, cooking and cleaning are just some of them. At a time when stress reaches its peak, it is already too late to do anything with it - it is better to prevent against stress.

1. Be a realist

At Christmas, do not be everything perfect or even the same as last year. Just as the changing and growing your family, you can also modify the traditions and rituals. Choose a few of those worth observe this year, and feel free to create a new tradition.

2. Plan ahead

Shopping, cooking, visits and other activities carefully, plan accordingly, and then prepare a shopping list as well.

3. Hold the budget

Before you go shopping, decide on how much money you can spend, and this budget will then hold.

4. Learn to say no

Your friends and colleagues will certainly understand.

5. The differences between aside

Try to take your friends and family members as they are. Solving any contradictions leave less festive time.

6th Do not forget your healthy lifestyle

Do not let your healthy lifestyle habits to prepare for Christmas. Try at home before a party put healthy snack, to help you resist temptation festive, take time to sleep and exercise.

7th Take time for yourself

Just 15 minutes of rest to help you clear your head and restore inner peace and tranquility. For instance, try to go through the evening and watch the night sky, listen to soothing music or just take a moment to read.

8th aware of your feelings

If you can not spend the holidays with family, or even if you became ill or died someone close, it is perfectly okay to feel sad. You can not force a joy just because it's Christmas.

9. If necessary, do not be afraid to seek professional help

Despite all efforts, it may happen that that you simply will be too. If you have some time to feel anxiety , helplessness or irritability, can not sleep and you have problems with normal daily activities, seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Do not let the holidays become something that scares you. If you do not prevent problems, with a little planning and positive thinking you will have a very merry Christmas.

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