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End of Christmas injuries! Needles, sparklers or glass ornaments you not thrown

Although Christmas is one of the most beautiful time of year when many of us enjoying the comfort and relax with family or watching fairy tales, but on the other hand have both risks. Leaving aside the argument over the ultimate cleaning or inappropriately chosen Christmas gift, we should pay attention and sufficient care and care for our health. Now Christmas is alert recorded a number of minor and moderate to severe injuries. Find out why, what risks you face and how to avoid them.

Minor injuries - scratches and light skin lesions

Among the injuries, which probably none of us are completely miss small skin wounds or scratches. Just a little careless decorate the Christmas tree - cut his hand on a broken Christmas ornaments, jab the needle or hook for decoration, but also need to scratch the knife, such as slicing Christmas cake, and injuries in the world. Although this type of injury is more likely to shrug off, but experts suggest the opposite. Even the good of injuries must be treated immediately and may not be a patch. In such cases they can help and barrier creams (e.g. 2DERM et al.), Which is suitable to apply to the affected area immediately after injury. The skin thanks to the formation of replacement skin barrier can heal and heal, despite the fact that the skin barrier is not in the cold season to damage because it can also prevent leakage of moisture from the skin.

Moderate injuries - burns and lacerations

We know all about it. One careless lighting a candle, unhappy touch still hot sparklers awkwardness when casting lead or laceration during cutting carp and other Christmas goodies. But even this unpleasant injuries we still may not disrupt the operation of Christmas. If you strongly nekrvácíme, we can still help their own means in the comfort of home. For these injuries are more pronounced when treatment recommended rehabilitation products and creams that numb the site of injury, anti-inflammatory and wound can also download and heal. Suitable for example, barrier creams for dealing with acute conditions that we would not be in the home medicine cabinet miss. It is also appropriate wound immediately nezalepovat and let it breathe so called.

Heavier injuries - deeper cuts and bleeding

As every year, perhaps even this year, some of us can avoid more serious injuries. In some cases, just more attention, such as when cutting carp or food preparation, but sometimes there are injuries caused by irresponsibility, such as handling, etc. New Year's Eve firecrackers.
In the event of more severe injuries, such as characterized in more massive bleeding which persists in this visit if appropriate urgent alert. Doctors briefing bruise disinfect few stitches sewn together and ensure bandage. Other substantial health problem already may occur, for example, on the basis of injury during batting New Year firecrackers. Unfortunately, people often buy on the various markets where they have no security or information security purchased fireworks. Another problem is the careless use of fireworks, which often takes place under the influence of alcohol. When these injuries occur, unfortunately the greatest health risk, particularly fingers, such as burns 2 to 3 degrees, and sometimes even amputation last phalanges. Here he is calling for professional help necessity. Therefore, everyone should think about before buying fireworks, what, where and why buys.

Six points to prevent accidents Christmas

1. Maximum caution when decorating the tree, cooking, but also in respecting traditions (flickering candles, pouring lead)
2. When cutting is necessary to always have an overview of where the tip of the knife and where our hand
3. Have a care home equipped with a first aid kit - plasters, barrier creams (eg. 2DERM), bandages, disinfectant
4th fireworks not to buy the marketplaces and be familiar with its safety
5. be thoroughly familiar with the way the use of a batting pyrotechnics
6. pyrotechnics never not treat DUI

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