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Payment card as a ticket, since the new year and in Brno

In the Czech Republic starts a revolution in public transport. Among the passengers are still popular SMS tickets, transport companies are beginning to test simple and fast payment via contactless payment cards in the vehicle.

While such a possibility into pilot operation offers only Liberec, the new year will be joined by Brno. The local transport company from this year, proximity card readers installed in 16 buses, including, for example, in cars, which carry an alien from the airport.

Transport Company towns Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou allow passengers first in the Czech Republic since September 2014 contactless pay directly in a tram. The pilot operation plans since the beginning of the new year run of the Brno transport company. "We plan to install a proximity card readers in 16 buses, inter alia, to vehicles that serve the airport. We expect to purchase tickets by credit card will be for foreign travelers ideal option, "commented plans Brno transport company (DPMB) spokeswoman Linda Hailichová. Passengers will be able to choose from the most common types of tickets.

After entering the vehicle passengers is accompanied by a contactless card to the terminal, which uses recorded for later payment. People will be able to pay by cards, which are commonly used for purchases. And no need to be afraid of security risks. "Any use of contactless cards generates a single record comparable with electronic signature to confirm the transaction. For other uses, however, is worthless. In addition, carriers will not know the actual card number, but the number of the replacement, which can not be used for payment, for example, on the Internet, "said coordinator of the Working Group Martin Prochazka. The project, which brings together public transport operators in Prague, Pilsen, South Moravian and Moravian-Silesian Region and Ústí nad Labem, puts emphasis on the protection of personal data. Thus, although the carrier will know where a card is traveling, but will not be able to recognize its holder. By contrast, banks will know the identity of the holder, but on the contrary will have information on the move paid card.

The numbers of contactless cards in the Czech Republic are still rising. According to the latest statistics of the Association for Payment Card Czechs have them in the pockets of more than four million. An increasing number of places where people can pay these cards. "Contactless payment cards are the latest trend in the Czech Republic, in which banks invest a great deal. Thanks to the use of cards in public transport, we assume that people better get used to small amounts to pay using the card as well as in stores. Already, over payment terminals to going billion and the amount will grow even more, "said Lenka Bukalová from the company Sonet, which delivers payment terminals in the Czech Republic and abroad. For transport companies while a new payment system poses no risk. By using bank cards in public transport carriers bank guarantee payment of the first heat, even if the passenger does not have enough money in your account. "The amount owed ​​the bank will recover a passenger and not the carrier. Already during the journey will also be verified by the card issuer, so in case of lack of funds or other problems, the card will be added to the list of banned cards for public transport, "said Walk.

In the Czech Republic, passengers can not often come across machines that allow them to buy a ticket using a contactless payment card for public transport stops. In Prague, these machines now in the National Avenue station, where there are three pieces. This fall, added two more in the main railway station and also at the airport two Vaclav Havel. "Transport Company prepares the surface modernizing the vending machines in Prague. The aim of these pilot projects is to verify the possible upgrading of existing machines and also possibilities of new technologies. We also want to gather the views of passengers, thus we can best determine what further plans, "commented a spokesman Prague Public Transport Company Aneta Řehková. Meanwhile ongoing testing of new machines in the station National Avenue, where people credit cards by Řehková pay roughly one-fifth of the tickets. In Brno, passengers have similar machines from September three.

Since payment using contactless payment cards within your vehicle transport companies promise to reduce the number of stowaways. According to the spokesman of the Brno transport company Lindy Hailichové this trend was confirmed also SMS tickets. Revenues for single tickets annually increased by 11 million crowns. People while in Brno bought for over 1 640 000 SMS tickets. In Prague in 2013 traveled through mobile jízdenkám 17,480,190 people.

Source: tz Lesenský.cz

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