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Hong Kong: Shark soup disappearing from menus, but only on the eye

The amount of shark fins served in restaurants in Hong Kong dropped by half, but the Chinese are still not giving up their goodies. They claim that the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in its report, which monitors the situation in the region. Seven million Hong Kong is an important crossroads of trade in shark meat and fins, and as such reflects the trend of global consumption of this commodity.

In 2012 passed the fragrant harbor warehouse at 8200 tons of shark fins, a year later it was only 5400 tons. But how admits WWF, the decline in turnover is not necessarily associated with lower demand, but rather with his own lack of shark fins.

Annually killed while around 73 million sharks are caught with half of the goods goes further into the world via Hong Kong. As a result přelovení stands seventy-four kinds of sharks to the brink of extinction. And what restaurateurs and catering services in Hong Kong?

WWF organized in recent years in several campaigns that sought to explain to consumers and operators canteen shark situation. WWF also been monitoring the situation in restaurants. The result? Although observed in 154 enterprises decreased consumption of shark fins in the last year from 306 kilograms to 161, most of their kitchen still leads the exotic meals in its offer.

"Many companies still shark fin offers simply because they fear criticism for restaurateurs that they do not offer a traditional dish," says
Tracy Tsang Chui-chi, WWF Programme Leader. "Only 35 companies reported that their range of shark fins elected sensitive approach. They do not offer it as part of the menu, but on request, we are well prepared. "Absence of shark fin soup on the menu and a major tourist hotels are busy, yet significant improvements. Out of sight, out of mind.

Officially disappeared this dish from the menu in 70% of hotels and clubs, and you will not see it in the menu 97% catering companies. But if you are celebrating a graduation, birthday or wedding, you cook shark fin soup gladly prepare.

Only if you do not sit in the lobby at Grand Hyatt, one of the few companies whose dishes from soups completely disassociated from cartilaginous fish. "Some of our customers have responded very sharply when we pulled these dishes from the menu," says chef Raymond Cheung Muk-where. " We recorded about ten percent drop in sales. But if you want to change the world, you must first change ourselves. We now offer other specialties, such as sea cucumbers or ear. "

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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