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Win over tobacco can be a strong will and perseverance

The last days of the old year, we begin to wonder what we would like to improve in the future, what to change. Removal of vices is on top of the world, and leads resolutions to quit smoking. Only a few, however, it will succeed. Why is it so common that smokers fail in their determination to give up tobacco?

It is probably not nice to hear, but nicotine addiction is a disease, a mental disorder of a permanent nature, as well as alcoholism. Within 10 seconds, nicotine can get blood to the brain. There will occupy certain positions affect dispensing agents on behalf of dopamine and "set" the body so that he wanted more and more doses of nicotine. When the level of this substance in the blood falls, the brain slowly starts "starving" and directs man to reaching for another cigarette. Why?

The brain is deeply stored memory footprint of how comfortable he felt a consumer for a cigarette.
Head remembers a situation in which most people smoking (restaurants, stress, holidays etc.).
The brain is the most sensitive to the lack of nicotine (more on low-dose dopamine) in the first 72 hours after the last cigarette.
Nicotine does not reduce stress, while the voltage increases as the level of nicotine in the blood decreases, which forces us to "calm down" other tobacco.

How do we get out?

The moment a person comes to the taste of a cigarette, it is necessary to tighten all efforts directed thinking and elsewhere. It is good to employ something, simply divert critical moments desire to put a cigarette. It requires a very strong will and determination. You will see, however, that memories of experiences that you've had a cigarette, will gradually fade and disappear when "trumps" new sensations. The brain will never forget the time when you were addicted to nicotine, but the feelings that bind to that period, they can gradually "fade".

Cogent statistics

In the Czech Republic, smokes a little over 2 million people.
Of these, 70% of them would like to quit.
40% of them tested every year.
Successful only 3% "brave".

Basis quitting is in our mind. There are also medical support, but the thinking is the key. Divide your time quitting in a specific plan and gradually fill the intermediate objectives. It is not wrong to somehow document the progress, need to chart or diary. Also important is the support of your loved ones. And most importantly, do not forget to reward you for the fact that you are doing persevere.

Source: Quitting kouření.cz

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