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Czech's e-Shopov superpower on the internet purchases already every third

Shopping on the internet is in the Czech Republic is still popular. While in 2010 the goods purchased over the Internet quarter of the population, last year it was already every third Czech. According to the latest estimates, today in this country, there are about 37,000 online stores.

To e-shops in strong competition to succeed, it must be according to experts and original niche. When buying online, people today prefer fashion and home furnishings. It is also important logistics, product availability or the presentation and design e-shop.

According to current statistics, Information and Communication Technology dramatically increasing popularity of buying goods and services over the internet. While in 2007 purchased over the Internet 15% of the population, in 2010 it was already 25% and in 2013 more than 34%. With the growing demand for online Shopping there is a significant increase in online stores. "We estimate that the current number of e-shops could be compared to 2010 by about 80% higher," said Tomas Hajek, executive director of the Association of direct marketing, e-commerce and mail order business. "The big boom while experiencing not too saturated fields in e-commerce, such as fashion and home furnishings. Increasingly, increasing e-shops, which are highly specialized, which is related to the increasing demand for better quality goods and services, "said Richard Koza, executive director of the Association of Internet Solutions.

Due to high competition in the online market, according to experts is essential to be able to differentiate. "The key to a successful e-shop is primarily an idea and choosing the right product that will entice customers or originality itself an Internet business that should come up with something new . Important is, of course, logistics, customer communication and marketing high quality, "said Jan Vetýška, executive director of the Association for electronic commerce. For the success of e-shop is also essential logistics and availability of goods. "Given that the Czechs have great popularity personal collection, it is necessary to have sufficient stock, transport options to the customer. Another very important thing is the readiness of e-shop on mobile devices, that is responsive and mobile site that are still in the Czech Republic rather the exception, "said Koza.

Every successful internet business should, according to experts, to track trends in e-commerce. E-shop should have an interesting design, clear structure groups of goods and premium content. "Of course there is a perfect presentation, which is described in a sufficiently products and pictures in high quality resolution," said Hana Mráčková PhotoRobot from the company, which specializes in product photography. "Ever more popular 3D product presentations, ie 3D or 360 ° photography, which allows you to view the product from all sides and zoom in on any detail," she added Mráčková that quality photo content while increasing the attractiveness and popularity of the pages, but also the overall gain a competitive e-shop.

In addition to the design and content sites in recent years Czech e-shops spread the payment options and comfort services. "The biggest players in the market has opened up many stone dispensaries and continued the trend increase in personal donations. The main change is in my that e-commerce is now equal to only low cost but high quality services with all the trimmings, "explained Jan Vetýška.

Experts agree that since 2005 there has been an increase in customer demands. "The customer already knows their rights, prefers online stores that have a wide selection of stock and are able to do 24 hours or 48 hours to deliver goods to the customer through various channels. Moreover, people prefer free delivery, to increase the credibility of e-shops also rising use of credit card payments, "said the executive director of the Association of Czech eshops Vaclav Jerabek.

And what about you? Buy on the Internet? And what you have with e-shops experience?

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