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František Nedvěd and Spiritual Quintet together again. Even with Lucie Bila.

František Nedvěd and Spiritual Quintet together again. Even with Lucie Bila. Legends of Folk and home trampské scenes are returning with a repertoire of greatest hits from the golden era brothers Nedved and Spiritual Quintet. Another special guest at the concert will Lucie White, who with Francis Nedved sang a duet.

Exceptional performances will take place on 13 and 14 February 2015 in Prague theater Hybernia. Another joint performances are planned. Concert offers a cross-section of Francis Nedved from his solo career from the period when he was a permanent member of the Spiritual Quintet.

František Nedvěd currently performing mainly alone or with a group tiebreak son Vojta. His concert stops very long to pass the Czech capital, where s brother John managed to sell out concert at the memorable Strahov Stadium. Appearances in Prague Hybernia is to a large extent "provoked" the pressure of fans will be rewarded with a truly rare opportunity to see Francis Nedved with Spiritual Quintet on stage.

Spiritual Quintet in 2015 celebrates 55 years since its founding. Since 1960, a firm position on the Czech cultural scene and among fans of folk music became a legend. The oldest folk group without much harm "survived" and exit longtime stars brothers Nedved, who went solo, or established new projects. Intermittent joint performances, however, are still among the extraordinary experiences.

The extraordinary atmosphere of the concert will be joined by special guest, fresh winner of Czech Nightingale Lucie Bila. Talented singer belongs to several years to complete tip Czech pop music and celebrates achievements in almost every position. This time will be presented before the folk audience, for which, together with Francis Nedved has prepared a common duet.

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