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Where to postpone the Christmas tree? Let him next to trash

Traditionally, after the sixth January Locals begin increasingly to throw retired Christmas trees. You definitely do not belong in the bins and containers for mixed or separated waste, or habitat sinks. Emergency Services recommended to leave the Christmas tree freely mixed waste at the site or at a dedicated site at home. Emergency Services is a collection of trees will care until the end of February. The same advice was given and sewage company OZO Ostrava.

Christmas trees do not belong in containers for mixed waste for a simple reason: nothing else could do then I could not fit in the container. Just freely postpone next container or container for mixed waste. "Christmas trees also belong to separate waste sites or habitat containers of mixed municipal waste placed in homes or vnitroblocích, where to vynáška vessels through space object. In this case, drop off Christmas trees in front of the object, the place of delivery containers to the unloading, "added spokesman Radim Mana Prague services.

Some Locals throw your Christmas tree according to tradition, the Three Kings, and during this period we can expect the biggest increase in votes trees. In many families want to keep the Christmas spirit as long as a collection of trees will run until the end of February.

Prague residents annually throws up to 300 thousand Christmas trees and a similar number is expected this year. In some cases, it may lead to a situation where the garbage truck from tree waste containers neodveze. "The reason may be overcrowding car. Then the tree taken at the next collection. A given location or in a special vehicle knotted trees. These vehicles have deployed this year ten, "said spokesman Radim Mana.

Deflected Christmas trees ends at the customers that are processed and leads to their further use. Typically results in trees as fuel. In Ostrava, but otherwise do. "To all residents of Ostrava is recommended to properly take down the trees and get rid of all the hooks, chains and other ornaments, as will be further processed in our compost facility in Hrušov," explains spokesperson OZO Ostrava Vladimir Karasová. All Christmas trees are collected at the compost crunches. Throughout the growing season produced wood chips adds to the grass and other biodegradable wastes, such as leaves, remnants of fruit or vegetables. The content of the wood chips will promote the proper composting process plant materials and high-quality compost and EPB substrate. As compost, as well as a substrate Zemínová if interested citizens, as well as companies bought directly at the compost and waste disposal facilities in selected OZO Ostrava.

Retired artificial Christmas trees belong to the collection point, certainly not in a container or bin for mixed or separated waste, advise Emergency Services.

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