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The four most common reasons why you need new glasses

Many people experience a moment when their eyes are tired and objects blurred vision. However, if the numbers on the monitor, microwave blurred vision, or have you ever objects farther away from the eye to better recognize individual characters, then it is time to start thinking about new glasses.

The four most common reasons why you need new glasses

Squint - The basic symptoms that tells you it's time to look for new glasses, squinting. When you close your eyelids together closer focus light on the retina and it will at any given moment will allow better vision. Ophthalmologist, therefore, your eye doctor will then give a recipe for adapting current settings glasses. In the event of frequent squinting contact your ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

Headache - Among other symptoms that may point to the need for replacement glasses. If your eyes while reading weary, they may be for some time to come headaches. The same difficulties you may be experiencing at sub-optimal set of glasses while driving or watching TV or movies. Even in this case it is necessary to go to an ophthalmologist for a new prescription.

Problems with sight on the near and medium distance - a clear signal for the purchase of new glasses are also times when a clear reading for eg. The price tags, you must resign and increase the distance between you and the words you want to read. Usually this means the exchange dvouohniskových glasses or need. Whether you use glasses for near vision, far vision, or both, you may not meet these glasses when working at the computer. Additionally, blurred vision may also add eyestrain. This problem is solved by moving the monitor closer or further, but sometimes you need to buy a new lens, specially designed to work with your computer. According to the website this difficulty is called "Central correction" as it moves between classical prescription glasses for near and distance.

Poor vision in darkness
- darker lighting, the pupil expanding and may aggravate pre-existing vision problems. If you experience vision problems when driving at night, in the opinion of opticians from The College currently suitable glasses replaced.

Pay attention to your eyes and do not underestimate the aforementioned symptoms. Early visit to the eye doctor can prevent far more serious illnesses such. Degenerative changes of the peripheral retina and vitreous. In addition, the glasses are nowadays an ideal fashion accessory and does not need to be ashamed for their wear.

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