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Exhibition of Czech athletics at Galerie Harfa forerunner HME in Prague

Exhibition of Czech athletics at Galerie Harfa forerunner HME in Prague On the occasion of the Indoor European Championships in Athletics in Prague this year to the organizational committee HME exhibition of Czech athletics. It is open until March 15, 2015 at Galerie Harfa, which is located close to the O2 arena.

The exhibition charts the history of Czech athletics since the Second World War to the present. "We want to show that athletics has a lot of important people and revamp the strength and success that these outstanding athletes brought the Czech Republic. The exhibition is one of the interesting opportunity to raise awareness of the rich and successful history of Czech athletics and corresponds with the motto Indoor European Championships - Legends of the past, present stars, "says the chairman of the organizing committee HME Libor Varhaník.

The visitor through photos Olympic champions, world champions and Europe or interesting documents of major athletic competition can make a picture about different historical eras of Czech athletics. The insights are also artifacts from private archives of athletes and female athletes or sports equipment and utensils.

"Among the most interesting artifacts include a complete collection of medals Helena Fibingerová, record a wooden disk Imrich Bugár or even balls, with Hazel George Skobla, Remigius Machura and Jaroslav Brabec. Browse lovers can also athletics original sportswear Tania Kocembové or Jarmily Kratochvílové. Are unique and running shoes and start number Miloslava Rezková the Olympics in 1968 or perhaps a spear Jan Zelezny with a handwritten signature, "explains
Executive Director HME Tomáš Janků.
There is also a collection of jerseys of all European athletic teams.

The exhibition is open daily until 15 March 2015. "Space exhibition we also used as a meeting place for athletic fans are planning meetings with athletes, legends Czech athletics. For parents with children we have prepared a set of children's athletics, everyone can try out any of athletic disciplines. There is also space for merchandising Indoor European Championships and many others, "says the exhibition Helena Fibingerová, head ambasadorského project HME.

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