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Public toilets - are really a threat?

Some people avoid public toilets completely, others on the toilet seat nesedají or trying to touch him. But experts argue that our fear of public toilets are exaggerated.

Skin barrier

Bacteria on the toilet seat doing quite well. No doubt about it. There may occur, for instance:
E. coli, which among other causes bloody diarrhea ,
streptococci, which in turn can for angina,
Staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for a wide range of diseases from inflammation of the skin after blood poisoning.

This touching the boards on which the bacteria occur, but that does not mean that you are ill. Intact human skin is because bacteria insurmountable obstacle.

And what about HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases? Viruses that cause these diseases are not able to survive outside the human body. In particular, they fail to cold and hard board. Besides - you have been infected - must viruses get into an open wound or mucous membrane at least. These places usually in direct contact with the toilet is out, and therefore the risk of infection completely negligible.

Do not put things on the ground

What places should we worry about something more than the surface itself boards? For example it is its lower part, which is often not wash and where bacteria can get during flushing. But not only get there - five square centimeters of the toilet floor hides more than two million bacteria. Therefore, if you carry a purse or shopping bag, do not place it on the ground, but rather hang on a hook.

Wash your hands!

But it is not even toilet seat or floor on which you should be most careful. It is said that ten dirtiest things in the world are your fingers. From there, the bacteria can easily get into your eyes, mouth or nose, where they will be better to attack your health. American scientists say that hands after using the toilet not wash a total of 23% of men - by contrast, only 7% of women.

With proper hand washing, you should use warm water, soap, and you should give it at least 20 seconds.

Public toilets, although there are many bacteria, but if you honestly wash your hands and avoid visible dirt, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Author of the article:
Markéta Kudrová
Expert guarantor article:
MD. George Náhlovský

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