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Good advice for everyday I.

Good advice for everyday I. Today and in the next three Friday sequels with you we want to share advice, which arrived at the e-mail editorial Cecil. We dare to guess that something for yourself is something for everyone ...

How to fold yogurt
To easily remove all the contents of the cup of yogurt or sour cream, use a spoon. Tear off the lid, turn the pot into the bowl upside down and snap onto the bottom of a sharp knife. Pull the knife as crucible click. Falls within the entire contents and left nothing.

Non-slip hangers

Shirts or blouses you have the straps do not slip when at the end of each rubber band and put your arm around her a few times him twist a. It's simple and effective!

Fixed string.

When you need to retie package, you rarely manage to turn off the string so that it is tight. When it first dipped in water, wet weights and only then let it dry, it turns off automatically, without you having to exert themselves.

How to splinter.

Sometimes I stop splinter so deep that it does not go out or tweezers. Piece of soap Dampen with water to make it soft and mix it with a pinch of brown sugar. Mixture put on a patch and attach to the injured area. Leave overnight work. In the morning, remove the patch and the splinter out.

Preserving safe.

Fill the jars in the usual way and close. Then put them in the dishwasher and run the program at 70 ° C. Course, do not add any detergent. Once the program ends dishwasher, open it and let the jars cool inside. Then store them in the pantry.

Foils saves energy.

When you defrost the freezer, wash it with vinegar water at the end. They will not hold it smells. When it is dry unload drawers with aluminum foil. Not only so fast do not cover frost, but better to keep the chill and freezer can turn to a lower level.

Paprika Nepal.
To unpleasant tingling disappeared peppers, cut the pepper in half, remove all the seeds and then put salt interior thoroughly. Allow at least an hour to work and then rinse. Then you pepper used in the usual manner.

Kitchen without fumes.
Quickly and easily unpleasant fumes and odors rid of when you leave on the stove to simmer while water and vinegar, to which you add a teaspoon of cinnamon.

Peeling garlic.
To make the work easier peeling garlic, cloves Put briefly in boiling water. Then it will go down in one motion husks.

How onion.
Before slicing onions, rinse and moisten the board. So you essential oils do not rise much in the eye. Always use a sharp knife. Otherwise, it will have to push it again and released unpleasant pungent ingredients. Halved onions in the fridge lasts five days as fresh when cut place Brush with butter and pack it in aluminum foil. To germinated, put into a container, where it is stored, a piece of bread. When the onions fry, Brown faster if it is pre sprinkle a little flour and will also be nicely Krupa.

Invisible cranny.

After pulling out a nail in the wall remains unsightly crack. When you do not have time to kindle plaster, try to repair the wall with the help of Kleenex. Tear off a small piece, zmačkejte approximately the size of the crack and shove inside. Tear off the overhang. Then the paper, moisten with water and gently hammer the hammer. In normal light, the broken walls unnoticed.

Hairdryer dust.

Older radiators between the individual ribs periodically clogged with dust, which is poorly wipes. Try using dryer: First, place the radiator newspaper and hairdryer turn at a high speed and temperature. Dust simply blown away, will remain on the newspaper that throw. Fatty soils warm up and then it is easy to remove with a cloth dampened in water with detergent.

Frayed laces.

If you have this problem, wrap the ends of shoelaces together and rub them with nail polish. They will then threading as new.

Toothpaste cleans and heals.

Toothpaste can easily clean the rubber part of sneakers. Apply it on dirty places an old toothbrush and scrub with a cloth. Well it clean and iron or jewelry. Her shirt rid of using lipstick stains and remove finger by the glass on the furniture. And help you heal the festering rash.

Rhubarb wasps, flies, etc. on tansy.

Biting insects do not like rhubarb, bothers him and her scent. Therefore, use the leaves to repel them. Twelve larger sheets (preferably shred) and let steep for two liters of water. Then put into the sprayer and use a repellent. Remember that rhubarb stalks can be used to eat only until the end of June. Then they contain many substances harmful to articular cartilage.
On difficult flies, blowflies, flies tansy is excellent enough for the average room 2 yellow flowers of herbs and flies disappear. It works well dried!
I'm sure you know, normally grows like weeds in ditches .

Sticker on the glass.

If you want to stick a sticker on the glass so that later went easily peel it first a few times and stick to remove the clothes that you are currently wearing. He catches small particulate matter that will ensure that it then take your glass without damage. Tiny hairs will not affect how it will hold. (It is recommended that at sticking vignettes, you never know if you do not have to change the windshield or auto).

Continued week ...

Source: Editorial e-mail

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