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The most common myths about breast cancer. Do you know them?

Any lump in the breast cancer, the threats are only women, bras support the emergence of tumor growth ... In our population circulates many false claims about breast cancer. Let's unveil the secrets of the eight most common myths about breast tissue tumors.

Myth no. 1 - Any lump in the breast cancer means

The truth is that breast cancer can manifest tangible bulk in the mammary gland. However, 80% of palpable breast units in the non cancer origin. Most often, these cysts (cavities filled with fluid) or clusters ligament. In any case, if you feel the suspect in the breast department, do not panic and visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Myth no. 2 - The risk was independent of age

Risk factors for breast cancer are several. Among the most important are clearly genetic load and age. Women in the 40th year of life are at risk for developing breast cancer is about 1: 227, ie very low. Then, the risk rises very sharply, sixty probability of breast tumor growth is about 1: 28 and 85 years, even 1: 8!

Myth no. 3 - Carriers of mutations in congenital always get cancer

Genes responsible (not only) for breast cancer are called BRCA. Their hereditary mutations may be affected individuals of both sexes. Not all of them have in their lives develop cancer of the breast or other authority. Damage BRCA genes is "only" increases the likelihood of tumor growth. However, very significantly. In women with BRCA mutations is about five times higher risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Myth no. 4 - Mammography increases the risk of breast cancer

Although mammography uses x-rays, but at very low doses. One mammogram is approximately equal dose a person receives from the environment for the entire year. On the other hand, is nothing compared with the annual smoking one pack of cigarettes per day, in this case, the radiation doses many times higher. Mammography therefore has no real interest in increasing the risk of breast cancer.

Myth no. 5 - Removal of the entire breast increases the chance of survival

Radicality of surgery depends mainly on the stage of the tumor. For timely captured tumors not need to remove the entire breast. In the case of advanced findings is needed to choose the most radical surgery. Preventive elimination mammary however clearly applied in individuals with mutations in the BRCA genes.

Myth no. 6 - Bras increase the risk of breast cancer

False claims underwire bras accused of oppression of the lymphatic system of the mammary gland, which should lead to the accumulation of toxic substances in breast cancer development. These assumptions were but widely refuted in scientific studies. Tightness clothing therefore has nothing to do with breast cancer.

Myth no. 7 - Men are not at risk

Even men can become ill with breast cancer, especially if they are carriers of BRCA gene mutations. In the Czech Republic, breast cancer annually several dozen men. Their prospects are somewhat worse than women because they are not familiar with the disease and symptoms in the early stages of proliferation do not attach too much importance.

Myth no. 8 - Breast Cancer can successfully prevent

Currently, there is no procedure that would completely eliminate the risk of developing breast cancer. The principles of a healthy lifestyle and smoking cessation significantly reduce the likelihood of malignancy, but it can not completely prevent it.

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