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ABC Theatre: half year with V + W or From Wericha to Voskovce

ABC Theatre: half year with V + W or From Wericha to Voskovce In the first half of 2015 will be 110 years since the birth of Jan Werich and Voskovec. ABC Theatre, which is housed in a former Liberated Theatre will commemorate this significant anniversary of a number of special events.

"In the half year s + W or From Wericha to Voskovce" will start on February 6 on the day of the 110th anniversary of the birth of John Wericha, and the introduction of V + W Revue with an unusual surprise for the audience. Divadlo ABC also preparing a traveling exhibition of historic photographs not only the theater, but also from the private archive of Jan Werich and Voskovec, ticket contests and 19 June, then another surprise associated with the 110th anniversary of the birth Voskovec.

"In 2015 will be 110 years since the birth of two great icons of Czech theater Jana Wericha and Voskovec. Their creative and happiest time spent here, in the theater of the Palace U Nováků. Making V + W and Jaroslav Jezek us was an impulse to play, play with their comedy characters, their humor, their songs, with what here during those ten years experienced. Because just play and playfulness we would like to pay tribute to them, "says V + W Revue director Petr Svojtka. Through staging V + W Revue makers want to also illuminate a lot of myths that prevail around the Liberated Theatre. Few people today realize, for example, that your space today Theaters ABC rented very young, aged between 20 and 30 years, and at a time intensifying political situation. Had to face financial problems, censorship and political pressures.

Dates of other performance V + W Revue viewers will find on the website. Furthermore, they can look forward to the aforementioned traveling exhibition of archive photos. It will be on display Feb. 3 to 16, in the arcade, from 16 February to 3 March moves to the Hall of the Palace U Nováků, after the end of March will be exhibited at the Centre Černý Most. From March 30th to April 24th, they will be able to see visitors and Black Rose Passage from April 24 to June 1, anyone who comes to City Hall. City of Prague. From 1 June exhibition grounds in the foyer of the theater ABC.

Jan Werich was born on February 6, 1905 in Smíchov only son Vratislava Wericha, official first Czech mutual insurance company and Gabriela, born Choděrová. At baptism by John the Baptist was named Francis Seraphic Werich. His parents soon divorced and John fell into the custody of the father. While studying at the gymnasium Kremencova street where friendship began with George Voskovec, his childhood is described as a rebel. From this school for disciplinary offenses was forced to retire, he graduated in Smíchov and after graduation he studied (but did not finish) rights.

In the 20s he began Werich first work as an editor and then together with Voskovec play the Liberated Theatre. Period Public Theater, as well as film work was relatively short.

From 1926 to 1938 created nearly thirty previous games and made several films. When aggravate the political situation, especially violent closing of the theater, forced to emigrate, famous era ended Liberated Theatre. Although the post-war return to try to restore Liberated theater called Theatre V + W, political circumstances they were not inclined.

After re-emigration to Werich Voskovec tried to continue within the Theatre of Satire. However, the political situation was not favorable. After 1948, he served in various theaters Werich (the best known is his character Water Sprite Čochtan in the musical Finian's Rainbow Musical Theatre Karlin). From 1956 to 1961 he was director of the theater ABC and tried to continue the tradition of V + W Miroslav Hornicek. After being stripped of office, found himself in a strange situation. Although gained various awards, was loved by the audience (especially film fans), on the other hand was called. Weaned. He died after a severe illness in the fall, 1980.

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Illustration photo: Jiří Voskovec, Ferenc Futurista and Jan Werich, Ostrov Dynamit 1930 Private. Archive J.Farníka

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