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Czech biathletes on the calendar for 2015

Hard work, perseverance and visualization of motion Czech biathletes during training. That could be characterized calendar for 2015, which shows the tip of the Czech biathlon in situations when it is not viewed by the camera or sports fans.

In the calendar, aptly named "biathlon 12 months to fully" revealed not only their bodies but also high toughness seasoned Olympians Andrew Moravec, Gabriela Soukalová, Jaroslav Soukup and Veronika Vítková, but also biatlonističtí rookies Adam and Lea Václavík Johanidesová. Take pictures of the left even Czech biathlon team head coach Andrew Fisherman, with high-quality binoculars from Meopta, which is a necessary tool to refine the shooting.

The aim was to create a compact, minimalist collection of photos where the main aesthetic element is the movement itself. And also to show what precedes races, how hard it is and how much training year-round effort and unsuspected thing is for great results Czech biathletes. "Set incurred photos we have tried to capture mainly physical processes Czech biathlon representatives during training. It is actually a study of the dynamics of pathways that athletes regularly engaged and that the photos using a white powder visualize, "describes the formation of photographs of their author, photographer Jan Faukner.

Each month shows one representative in biathlon training and visual is always accompanied by text that reveals other interesting details of training plans. "Photos are many moments of victory, but they just sweat, systematic and coherent training plan are an important part of success," says co-author calendar Marketing Director Alpine Pro Petr Billy.

There will be a calendar, among others, in New Town in Moravia for the duration of the World Cup biathlon 5.- February 8, 2015.

Those who are interested in how the calendar Czech biathlon peaks originated, can watch the video here .

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Photo: Jan Faukner for Alpine Pro


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