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Rare oryx Damián traveled to Africa

Damián annual East African oryx bred in the Prague zoo, traveled last week to a nature reserve in Djibouti. Transport is OK and Damián so already scurrying along the East African protected area. Together with females creates the reservation breeding group in order to expand the number of these protected antelope.

Male Beis traveled to East Africa as part of the project to local organizations for the protection of biodiversity. A joint project of the Association Decani and zoos Beauval, which was established in 2005, is trying to protect an area of ​​30 acres of local endangered species of large mammals.

"Grevy's zebras addition to a Somali Wild Ass's and East African oryx. At this stage of Europe's first bringing individuals, which are intended for breeding. We hope, therefore, that even our Damian would, in the future, these desert antelope to reproduce protected area, "says Deputy zoological Zoo Praha Jaroslav Simek.

Prague zoo began Beis act in 1960, when it is, however, failed to reproduce. To restore breeding occurred in 2000 and the first baby came into the world a year later. Damian was born on February 4, 2014 Roxane female. Beis inhabit the territory of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. Like all oryx have long, distinctive horns. Beis have short gray hair, with the exception of the abdomen, which are white. The appearance of the animal supplement black stripes along the belly, legs and head. They have developed effective mechanisms that help them adapt to high temperatures and lack of water. They are even able to drink once every four days. Are particularly vulnerable because a large part of the population survives outside protected areas and is threatened by poaching.

Source: tz Zoo Praha

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