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Good advice for everyday II.

Good advice for everyday II. Dirty wallpaper. Wallpapers clean, mix a little water with starch. Do starch but put a few drops of water to keep it thick, but still put on wallpaper paint. It may not trickle down. Then rub the stain and let dry. Once the starch coating dries, take the brush, preferably an old tooth brush and gently starch. With him disappears and dirt.

Fishy odor.
When baking fish, you can prevent unpleasant odors that into the pan add the sliced ​​apple. It absorbs odors when cooking. In addition, the fish will not feel the meat will be softer and tastes great.

Salt cleans oil.

If you turbid oil and you just need to stand on the table and do not know how to get rid of the sludge, use salt. Sprinkle a pinch into the bottle and in a little while the oil is beautifully clear.

Grater like new.

If you have a grater blunt, no problem to sharpen. All you need is a hammer and nail. The size of the nail to suit the size of the holes on the grater. The process is simple. Gradually into each hole and insert the tip of the nail a little tap hammer. When all is proklepnete, grater will turn crisp. You will be amazed how well it works again.

Bread and broken.

In the kitchen, sometimes something breaks glass shards and sweep usually not enough. To avoid exposing the danger that some of stray bit of hurt, use breadcrumbs. Make it a ball and then he wallow on the floor. All the pieces even the most microscopic snaps at her.

Burns from nettles.

To be gone as quickly as possible unpleasant burning sensation on the skin, look around and tear off the sheet plantain and sorrel. Just when some of them immediately rub the affected area and the pain disappears immediately.

Topped with plants.

When their care for houseplants overdo and you'll find the defective due to waterlogging, save the drying roots. U waterlogging proceed to remove the plant from the pot with soil. The roots wrapped in several layers of absorbent paper well. Take it to a warm place, but where the sun is not shining. The paper, which is a flower wrapped inspect and change whenever it is wet. Once the paper is water stops, the plant transplanted into cleansed, dried flower pots. Water your hereafter very carefully.

Vinegar on the stove.

If you have stains on the stove, which they do not scrub or liquid with sand, try them pour vinegar. He let it act for several hours. Acetic acid softens the charred parts and you then simply wipe with a sponge.

To nezhnědl oil.

When frying foods oil in a pan quickly loses its clear color and darkens on exposure to high temperatures of food. Therefore, as soon as you turn on the heat, put the pan into a pair of wooden toothpicks. The oil remains beautifully clear throughout frying.

Shoes are not colored.

New shoes ever have too much color. Avoid so that the inside before wearing non-stick vystříkáte hairspray. It is necessary but try to paint a really sticky. The same system can also be used when you need new jeans colored legs. Zrub the varnish it let it dry and you can feel free to wear.

On the burnt rice bread is valid.

If you happen to have charred rice, try to fix it. What is burned advantages, it trickles into good clean pot and cover the entire surface of the slice of bread. Unpleasant taste and smell of burnt disappear after a while. Then you have to throw bread.
A little burnt rice also one trick: Immediately remove from burnt rice cookers, the new pot saute the onions in fat, add the rice and saute briefly. Aftertaste disappears.

How to dry wet shoes.

Definitely not put it directly on a heat source, or in its immediate vicinity, they could harden and crack. Prepare a newspaper Muddle them. Jimi shoes thoroughly stuffed and allowed to dry at room temperature. After a few hours, replace the paper, sucks all the moisture. If the shoes are still wet, repeat it. Before they are completely dry, lubricate them properly cream.

Vinegar to smell in the apartment.

If you're anything lit or was visiting a bunch of smokers, quickly get rid of the smell in the apartment so that soaking a cloth in vinegar. Then it will give you intense wave and yet go through the entire space. For a while after the unpleasant odor will be no trace.

Dishes will shine again.

Any baked and faded stainless steel cookware will shine like new again when he purified soda bicarbonou. Just sprinkle a little on a damp cloth and wipe burnt. For a moment the polished.

Universal Cleaner.

Make a homemade product that cleans any dirt and smells while your apartment. Spray bottles to pour one eyelid from PET bottles of ammonia, one eyelid and mild detergent
add two tablespoons of baking soda. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and shake well, and you can use. Cleans and additionally absorbs unpleasant odors.

Removing labels.

Lettering marker or highlighter go wrong removed both from boxes of food in the freezer, so must the error described table. All materials such as linoleum, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, glass and metal will help deodorant spray. Just spray on the stain and it will dissolve itself after a while. Then just wash with water spray or wipe with a damp cloth to dry. This method also works on CD and DVD discs when you need to be erroneous description. Data layer remains intact.

Scratched DVD and CD.

If your CD or DVD from the bottom of scratches, do not load or skipping, try to apply a soft damp cloth small amount of toothpaste about the size of a small pea. This CD or DVD polish, gently wipe clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry, then just try to insert into the player.

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