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Czech bitch will help in the fight against discharging elephants

In Central Africa, because of their tusks annually kill thousands of elephants. Alarming numbers do not let the cold or ZOO Liberec, who together with other organizations and individuals began to fight with smugglers. The center of black ivory trade, where it is often a life, it also publishes for the first time in the history of specially trained Czech dog.

Sniff out hidden drugs, tobacco, bombs, guns and even smuggled ivory can uniquely trained dogs. For the first time in history, embark on a mission to rescue the massive discharge of elephants in the Republic of Congo Czech male - female Cama. This is the first Czech dog prepared to rescue African animals. The Czech will fly to the capital, Brazzaville remote over 6000 km as the crow flies February 15 with his trainer.

Two-year female Belgian Shepherd Camu Sony Black waits in the Dark Continent difficult task. It will assist customs officials in the capital Brazzaville search ivory, rescuing unique scaly mammals like pangolins mravenečníkům, gorillas and find local wildlife meat, so-called bushmeat, with which it trades extensively and is smuggled into Europe. The dog does recognize up to 19 odors. He has a month of daily training. In Africa, it will be another month and a half of training with my trainer Hana Böhme from the Czech Lipa, who knows exactly why chose Camu.

"It's the first dog from us flies to Africa. Must fly, because it is simply the best. Compared to other breeds excels-action is lively and healthy. Withstands extreme African conditions. Requires drill and especially she enjoys searching unlike defense. And why not, at the airport waiting for it to scan up to 120 storage with a single aircraft, "says Hana Böhme. But it also speaks about the ward with a slight sadness in his voice. Raised her from a puppy and female remains in Africa. And what lies ahead? First acclimate, resume training and eventually heads into action against smugglers and poachers.

You are not alone

The project rescues wild African nature engage zoos as ZOO Liberec, which supports many international activities. Contributes through the so-called. "Fund in-situ" both financially and materially. For female trainer and her professional kynoložku Hana Böhme provided mainly so-called odor canned comprised mainly clippings elephant tusks and fur and scales of exotic animals. Without odor samples ivory, chimpanzees, parrots or snakes would not be possible for a dog to train important task.

"I firmly believe that Cama will be successful. We support the use of dogs to protect biodiversity. For a year, poachers killed up to thirty-five thousand elephants. Helping dog handlers with dogs trained and carry out operations to detect contraband ivory living and the dead endangered animals and weapons is very important, "says director of the oldest Czech zoo David eaten.

Liberec Zoo addition, long-term cooperation with service dogs training device Customs Administration of the Czech Republic in Heřmanice, which also provides odor preserves and participates together with the Foundation Czech Coalition for the Protection of Biodiversity (CCBC) to obtain financial, human and material resources for the project Save - Elephants in Central Africa. Training of service dogs, lending Czech Canine training local handler is one of the rescue plans just for this project.

Cama than female flies to Africa, let them customs officers at the airport in the background of space for luggage, so she could try checking in the field. Africa would like to volunteer this year to get up to three more dogs. In addition to finding contraband ivory hunted by poachers.

Female Cama

Two year old female Belgian Shepherd - Malinois breed or "Maliňák" full name Cama Sony Black. Compared to other breeds excels in-action, temperament, strong health, enjoying her search.

Loss of elephants

Especially poaching of African elephants in the past few years, again increasing. International trade in ivory has been banned since 1989, but in countries such as China, ivory - supposedly legal, from older stock - still freely sold. Its price is increasing every day and today reaches 50 000 CZK / kg. Annually illegally shot 30-40 000 wild elephants. Elephants are threatened with extinction. Elephants across Africa losing up to 10% of the population annually. Die every day about 100 elephants. One every fifteen minutes. Poachers kill them annually to 35 000 elephants from Africa and may disappear within ten years. Ivory is produced by traditional medicine and decorative objects that end up in China, Thailand and Japan.

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