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Three in it after 30 years. Na Jezerce.

Legendary pun on three hot suitors and women preparing their hearts for their viewers Principal Theatre Na Jezerce Jan Hrušínský who for innovation in the spirit dell'arte looked acclaimed young director Matej Balcara. Testing in three productions that started this week, viewers will delight premiere 10. March 2015.

Divadlo Na Jezerce stated in March 2015 comedy Three in it. We will see in the Kristýnu Hrušínský Teresa Nemcova, Denise Pfauserová, Theresa Kopsová, Petr Vacek, Jana Hrušínského, Felix Slováček jr., Michael Kern, Václav Chalupa and many others.

The story of three slečnách that are trying to conceal their love did not remain without consequences and growing belly therefore issued before his father for a serious illness, told the principal theaters Hrušínský director Matej Jan Balcar, talented film school graduate from Pisek. He won the nomination Magnesia Czech Lion for his film form of love - "Best Student Film 2013". "In the 60s some theaters reach out to young directors, who before he became famous in the film, started in the theater," says Hrušínský and adds that Jezerka so after their pattern opens doors for young, promising talents. A betrayed other delicacies that theater prepares for spectators: "We are also preparing another production, Canadian Mark Leiner game-Young" Shylock ", which will be presented in Line Mode Balas (" Rehearsal "and" I, Francois Villon ") in the Czech premiere of John chip in the title role. There should viewers first holiday in mid-May 2015, "adds Hrušínský.

Three in it
- three young ladies in very difficult situation, unhappy and angry fathers suitors - Jaroslava Vostrého story is still funny after a quarter century and up to date. And that, according to Matthew Balcara lies the charm of the game: "Some patterns of human behavior just do not change. Dealt with for thousands of years all over again, so why not to make fun of. For me it is the magic of the game, particularly when combined with humor and poetry crazy comedy, "says Balcar. Comedy is offering endless funny situations and unexpected twists and is acting opportunity. Director Matthew Balcar wants to keep more of today's concept comedy, but in a classic package. "I myself am a big fan of subtle humor and situational comedy", said to himself, adding that it all would like imprinted into his productions.

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Matthew Balcar (b. 30. 4. 1991 in Prague) comes from an artistic family of musicians, painters and architects. He graduated from the Film School in Písek in the field of directing, screenwriting. Throughout his studies, he made several successful films, one of which is worth mentioning in particular the form of love (nominated for the Magnesia Czech Lion for Best Student Film 2013). His work is characterized by chamber stories and poetic humor.

Did you know that?

- Jaroslav Vostrý, who in 1965, along with Ladislav Smock founded the Prague Drama Club, three in fact secretly premiered November 16, 1978 just in theater in Smečkách. For political reasons, however, the author's header finally figured director Jiří Menzel productions.
- Derniere legendary comedy was held October 16, 1985, after 7 years.

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