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Indies framed anniversary of 25 years of great Happens

To celebrate 2/14 Sono Center in Brno come play Traband, Jablkoň, Kieslowski, we're at home, Čankišou, Docuku and many others. The entire program will be moderated by band leader Martin E. Flowers Kyšperský.

A one-day music festival in Brno new concert hall Sono Center is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the company Indies, which from the beginning of its operation in the Czech Republic pays good alternative and non-commercial music. On a day of the concert will be 17 bands and artists who have over 25 years published his album just for Indies Records.

Páleš Milan, one of the founders Indies, invites fans to celebrate the independent music scene, "February 14, 1990, which is already 25 years old, a group of music enthusiasts opened the first post-revolution, private, independent retailers and car CD. On sale it at the time was not much, everything was subject to censorship and dictatorship government bodies and companies. But it is opening its borders to the west quickly changed. On the big concert in the heart of Sono February 14, 2015, we, together with our artists to publish, to celebrate the 25 years we do not have to ask anyone or beg, if you want to listen and enjoy the music that we love and that we enjoy. "

Harrow Music Centre in Sono Saturday, 2/14 will open at 12:30 pm. to 13:00 pm. celebrations began several performances for children who have admission to the event for free. Above them will be showcased performances of songs Amalka K. Třebíčko, concert or theater Anička bloomers and letadýlko. The entire program will take place on two stages until the wee hours. The final dance party will take care DJ Miss B. The entire program will be moderated by band leader Martin E. Flowers Kyšperský.

What: 25 years Indies
Where: Sono Center, 113 Veveří, Brno
When: February 14, 2015

12:30 - Opening SONA
13:00 - Opening
13:10 - Anna and letadýlko (for children)
13:40 - Amelia K. Třebická (for children)
14:15 - Ciment
15:00 - bloomers (for children)
15:30 - Jablkoň
16:15 - Lucie Redlová
16:45 - Docuku & Jitka Šuranská
17:20 - Karel Vepřek & Marcel Cross
18:00 - Tomas Kostka & Orchestra
18:45 - Jananas
19:15 - 25 YEARS INDIES
19:20 - Traband
20:10 - Kieslowski
20:40 - We're home
21:30 - Beňa & Radvanje
22:00 - Čankišou
Afterparty: DJ Miss B

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February 14, 1990 opened the first shop and car CD called Indies, was still on the street Milady Horakove 25 in Brno. After a year of functioning of trade was established and the Indies Records with the motto: We publish music that we like and enjoy listening to. Since the early rock musical styles publishers over time opens up to other genres. It is based on folk and folk album, adds to world music and folklore, but there are also blues, rock, jazz or rap. In 2005 there is also a recording studio Indies and in 2007 the publishing house divided into three independent publishers with a common distribution. Under the label Indies Scope formed in 2009 as an agency of India Production. For 25 years, works retail music and concert tickets. Under the brand Indies released over 700 albums and titles mapping, with a few exceptions (The Frames), Czech and Slovak quality original music. Original Indies have passed since the establishment in 1990, the development of a series of transformations. Despite the fact that there are now seven different companies and affiliates (Scope Indies, Indies Happy Trails, MG Indies, Indies Distribution, sales Indies, Studio Indies, Indies Production) the brand is always associated with good music.

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