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Men will again keep dry in February

In February, not a drop of alcohol. Can you do it? Honor month about their health and do the right thing for themselves and for others!

In February takes place the third year of a successful campaign to promote men's health - dry February. "February is dry here traditionally so that we can give to one month gap from alcohol. I am glad that more and more men who are involved in this event. "Says Martin Jara League Open Men (LOM), which organizes the campaign. The average Czech man is drunk for the year of 18.6 liters of pure alcohol and alcohol dependence him threatens more than 3x Czech woman.

Head of the Department of Psychiatry 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University Prof. Michal Miovský this issue says: "Alcohol and its excessive consumption is one of the biggest risks to the quality of life of today's men. A 23% of Czech men at risk due to the dependence of excessive drinking. "

"Dry February is a great opportunity to visualize the topic of becoming dependent on alcohol to get it into the public debate and attention to this problem. Of course itself does not change much, but it leads to reflection, giving her a chance. One month is nothing, so it is good that "nothing" without alcohol to try, "says Michal Miovský.

7 reasons to join

Pročistíš your body and mind. Reinforce will.
You look at your relationship with alcohol from a distance and take him to reconsider.
You'll save time that you spent in the pub and you can go jogging or swimming.
You'll save money that you can give to a good cause.
You give a positive example of the men around him.
Potěšíš people who care about you.
Can an entire month to seek ways to take care of.

"Participation is nothing. The need is just enough determination to take this unusual challenge for us. "Says
Martin Jara, LOM.

Dry February also supports male solidarity. The money saved can be paid at any of the charitable projects that support men's health, or if you are a father, you just go out with their children.
Here to illustrate some feedback from past years:
"My body seems somehow cleaner. When I feel sorry for him the beer again zalejt. Maybe it will give a few more days. But anyway, you decided to make it a regular event. At least once a year. "(John Kolar)
"Well, explain to friends in the pub at the weekend carnival feast that you can not really neither beer nor drink was quite a feat and I was proud of myself then." (Vit Rambousek)
"I must admit that I did not know that in one month there are so many opportunities to give you alcohol. And that I would miss so much. "(Petr Gašparík)

And what will you say after a month?

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