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People in Need has helped refugees from the cold in front of radical Islamic State

People in Need has helped refugees from the cold in front of radical Islamic State Offensive fighters drove the so-called Islamic State of Iraq's Anbar province, Salahudin, Nineveh and hundreds of thousands of people. They often ran in appalling conditions with only a few personal belongings. More than 850,000 IDPs have found refuge by the UN in Iraqi Kurdistan. Only a fraction of people living in refugee camps, others dwell in rented houses, schools or halls ..

At least one in five refugee survives in unfinished houses without electricity, water and heating options. Temperatures at night while falling to zero.
People in Need (PIN) from the autumn of 2322 helped to IDPs and currently distributes a team in place for further assistance. Immediate aid allocated EUR 1.9 million crowns from the humanitarian fund of the Club of Friends of People in Need.

Distressful escape through the mountains Sinjar

"Six days we are without food and drink spent in the mountains. It was during the summer, so we have suffered unbearable heat and a lot of people who fled with us, due to lack of water died. We helicopters dropped from high altitude stock, but often broken or otherwise undermined. So we ate roots and leaves, just to have something in your stomach, "says Khalid Raso escape forty one years old Qassem, who together with his family fled from Sinjar in the northern province of Nineveh.

Khalid's family belong to the ethno-religious minority Yazidis. Because of different religions are attacked by radicals from the so-called Islamic State. If detain extremists, have the choice of either converting to Sunni Islam or death. Men are forced to fight in the ranks of radicals and women are sold as sex slaves. And so when neighbors Khalid warned that the city is approaching fighters immediately took a family of ten and fled into the mountains Sindžárských. "At home, we left all our stuff, nothing we did not carry with them, we just ran into the mountains," says Khalid. Himself bore sick wife Lejla, one of the nurses carried Kaniwara disabled son and a neighbor helped infirm grandmother.

After a six-day stay in the mountains with the family with the help of Kurdish fighters and UNHCR managed to get through Syria to the safety of Iraqi Kurdistan. Along with the other 28,000 refugees have resorted to the city of Sharia which inhabit the concrete room in an unfinished building with no windows and doors. "Up here in Sari we got two mattresses and two blankets. Each month also receive food rations, "explains Khalid that the biggest problem is cold and most would welcome stoves and filler material for windows. In addition, the family had nowhere to go because their house sold militants. (Full story Khalid's family read here )

We help people survive the winter

Similar fates have other refugees. People in Need in November last year already helped 200 families běženeckým. "The people we provided mattresses, sheets for insulation of homes or wooden boards and tools for installation material. The most vulnerable people such as widows, orphans, disabled, victims of sexual violence or elderly people also received financial assistance for purchasing mainly drugs or things for the kids, "says Marie Skálová.

Now distributes aid to an additional 240 families from the villages of Pe-Routine, Karud, Badžid Barav and Badžid Miri. You receive winter clothes, mattresses and blankets for repairing temporary shelters, financial assistance but especially stoves and kerosene heaters. Erbil and Dohuk now operates a three-member international team of People in Need, which directly on the site detects the specific needs of refugees.

The conflict between the Iraqi army and militants hit the so-called Islamic State of Iraq's 18 provinces and has disastrous humanitarian consequences. According to official UN data needed at the end of 2014 more than 5.2 million people basic assistance necessary for survival. More than 3.6 million people currently live in areas under the control of the so-called Islamic State and from the 2.2 million in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The increase in violence since January 2014 while a further 1.8 million people made refugees in their own country.

Source: tz PIN
Photo: Jan Pejril, PIN

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