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Households annually wasted water after the 4.2 billion - just teeth!

Although Czech households complain of constant price rises, still have not learned to save themselves and so totally unnecessary prepared for a lot of money. As the survey showed Henkel, so when brushing your teeth is not closing quarter of Czechs running water. Annually, quite unnecessarily wasted and subsequently pays water for 4.2 billion crowns, which has drained completely useless.

The research results also confirmed Otáhal David, who in his practice with these issues saving water. "Yes, it is. For our clients we follow similar patterns, which describes the above mentioned study. Maybe it seems like a truism to close the faucet with running water while brushing your teeth, but the absolute numbers are alarming. And they are not projected savings that can be achieved, for example, the right-saving flushing or showering, "shakes his head in puzzlement over unnecessary and costly waste of households Otáhal.

Four minutes a day to prepare you for CZK 1,700 per year

The calculation is quite simple. If you brush your teeth twice a day recommended two minutes, then tap fully open unnecessarily consume about 60 liters of drinking water. This is the year of 21.9 cubic meters of water, which we, for example, in Prague at the price of water and sewerage CZK 77.66 per cubic meter, come to CZK 1,700 per person. For a four-person household is it then 87,600 liters per 6803 crown, while the one at each brushing teeth enough to one to two glasses of water for just pennies. "And who is running about without fully tap can not do, he should at least install a flow restrictor, so-called saver. Suddenly he drops water consumption by up to seventy percent, "says Otáhal.

Unless research showed that water thus sparing quarter of the population, or about 2.5 million people. Now it is not difficult to calculate that all together just wasted a year for teeth cleaning utterly useless water for 4.25 billion crowns.

In regions can be expensive!

"And do not be fooled! These are regions where water is still far more expensive than in Prague, for example, attacks on Semilsko water price in 2015 for one cubic meter longer the limit of one hundred dollars! "Says Otáhal everyone who thinks that the water in Prague among the most expensive in the country.

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