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Snow can use at the zoo and animals from warmer climate

In outdoor enclosures Ostrava Zoo are also in the winter days see the animals from the tropics and subtropics. On snow scamper need zebras, oryx antelope or betrays spokeswoman Šárka Kalousková.

The outdoors is of course limited to much shorter time than in the summer. African ungulates and elephants are in current temperatures around zero out between 11 and 12 o'clock. "From 10 to 12 hours with the outside as well as leopards and lions Indian cejlonští. Depending on your preferences can go out and most of the population primate," says a spokesman.

Tigers, camels, ducks, cranes, vultures, eagles and other species can even use the winter more than summer heat. "Most of them survives the cold season due to thick winter fur or feathers stand without problems in outdoor aviaries without heated quarters. Boří so many people 'that during the winter zoo animals are not seen because they are hidden somewhere warm, "says Sarka Kalousková.

In addition to the animals kept in the zoo, visitors can now watch the Ostrava zoo and wild birds attracted to feeders located in the area. JSU between tits, blackbirds, nuthatch, spotted woodpecker, bullfinch and more. Visitors have the opportunity during his visit to the zoo, wild bird populations augment themselves. Suitable bird feeding can pick up free at the entrance to the zoo.


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