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Weekly Horoscope Feb 2 to Feb 8, 2015

Weekly Horoscope Feb 2 to Feb 8, 2015 Rue something from the past is not necessary. It is an experience. Remember, what is your priority in life. Do not let anything else that you "stained" brain ..

Week: 2. 2. 2015 - 8. 2. 2015

Beran (21.3-20.4.)
Dear Lambs, situation or matter which has long been struggling, should arrive at the destination. It is not entirely clear whether end up fully to your satisfaction, but to relieve you should be absolutely sure. Take things as they are and look forward - there is your better future .. Material sphere harms themselves that you do not see things as they are in reality. Do not run away from the truth, because once you accept as fact, things will begin to improve. It's all about your attitude .. In private, remember that all too bad and nothing lasts forever; not feeling well-being and happiness. What we have is granted. Enjoy a successful stage of life, but leave space and humility ..;-)

Taurus (21.4-20.5.)

Dear Young bulls, what is happening around you has given clear direction, and therefore you should only compare the situation step and does not try to change. At least now it would be futile waste of energy .. The material or work area to increase activity in search of new targets. Although the situation is now satisfactory, long term, you will need to shift - and now is the best time to prepare in the head, on paper. The ideal time for short-term plan .. In private, you'll get small, very pleasing victory. Nothing to brag about it will not, but it certainly can pick up confidence. You can expect plenty of reasons to smile and satisfaction with oneself ..

Gemini (5.21-21.6.)

Dear Gemini, push it. Somewhere trying in vain. The current situation does not allow you to move closer to their goal. Prospectively, it is not ruled out, throw in the towel! Only now you do not wish to circumstances, so calm and relax nabírejte energy future "attack" .. If you feel that any official matter drags on, then you might be pleased that the end is in sight. Whether in the material sphere be anything, you should be exempt existing events (figuratively speaking). Almost want to say that snorts at home .. forget about pride and vanity, otherwise encounter thunder and lightning. The adversary has more power. Compromise and helpfulness certainly not obscene words and should be in the dictionary Blížencových words to put more ..

Rak (22.6-22.7.)

Dear gulls, good humor would not you throughout the week leaving a flourish You might everything what you touch. For those days you were, child of fortune. Just do not mess it somewhere naivete. Make sure you keep your eyes open and mind in the hand .. The work you could unexpectedly "shine". Something totally unexpected help and surroundings will be pleasantly surprised, as it lies dormant in you for talent. In the case of new investments is usually nothing to worry about, everything looks very good prospect .. Privately, watch your feet on the ground! Do you tend to let the "fool" or "tighten on a wet noodle." The tendency to succumb to the illusion is more than obvious. Do not be fooled; show to anyone who wants to fool you, there are no fools. Because you are not! ..

Lev (23.7 to 23.8).

Dear Lowchens, whether you want to take any step, first everything thoroughly, but really think about and plan thoroughly. Impetuousness is not a good counselor .. The material realm everything is different than it appears to be. In particular situations and things at first sight attractive. Being threatened to be repaid over earnings. It's up to you whether you let yourself fooled the prospect of some advantage or profit. Risking these days means unequivocal defeat. Your win is called Modesty .. At home, you will need a lot of your ability to adapt to the new situation. In time you will act diplomatically. If there is an unexpected challenge in front of you, then do not worry about it. Something new should replace something old and dysfunctional. It prompts you if someone changed, listen ..

Panna (24.8-23.9.)

Expensive Dolls, you need a rest. The course of this winter you a lot assertion. If at all possible, pull off into seclusion. Certain it is not advisable to divulge secrets - in their own interest. If you need to tell them, because you "weigh" the soul, write them down on paper and the burn .. Material scope needs a "recovery". You look pretty haggard - labor and to some extent financially. The positive aspect of the current situation would be that you are currently at a turning point. It will therefore only just better. Leave the past behind, looking ahead .. Privacy, that's another story! :) Here it looks like the loving, refreshing period. The head is under the control of the heart. His counterpart, plan time together and enjoy them. Meet some of you love? Well, look around you, because it is within reach ..

Libra (24.9-10.23)

Dear Libra, in this period, you have the rare ability to sensitively perceive the feelings of others. I will therefore sought buddies. Skills at the right moment, you can only listen to fit into the role of "willow" and you can learn something. Nezneužijte it .. In this work demonstrate good will. If you asked for something, or see the need to help, then do not think about anything for a long time. Intuition tells you the degree necessary activities. And some of you are too turns to the past. Leave it already, because you do not much .. In private, you may feel that you belong world. And he too now belongs! After that, how you tried, you will be rewarded. You are close to it, for what you have decided. One significant relational success is at the door ..

Scorpio (24.10-11.22)

Dear Scorpio, if you are a long look that only your opinion is the correct and infallible, then you'll soon see the bitter bite. Complexion! Listen to look at it from the other side. You are too blinded by their own infallibility, that feeling of infallibility that literally tread on luck .. In finance, it is necessary to involve logic and look at the real facts. Nothing "on the water" try to build. The path to greater success is only logical line. A moral path should be obvious .. At home, you can have a temporary feeling that nobody understands and that you're all by yourself. Stupidity! Rue something from the past is not necessary. It is an experience. Remember, what is your priority in life. Do not let anything else that you "stained" brain ..;-)

Sagittarius (23.11-21.12.)

Dear Sagittarius, you just listen to the heart and intuition. Never mind the reason and logic, they will now only hampered in joyful living. It is necessary to take a life, not so survive. From work to work. Work does not have legs, .. miss you much joy carries the material sphere. Something you manage to overcome in collaboration with some colleagues is worthy of celebration. Trust to the right, you can not actually threaten anyone. Rather the contrary. Team spirit moves you up .. Privacy is a peaceful, harmonious. It's just a time when unscrupulous relatives can say whatever you have to say. Calmly, factually take your reservations. Even your plans for the future. To verify that the key to success is moderation and compromise ..

Capricorn (22.12.-01.20)
Dear Ibexes of small obstacles "vykecáte" and then nothing will stand in the way to long-term plan started to bring to life. Success will be proportional to the planning, but presumably most of you "cojones" so you can not miss the well-being .. The small snag concerns the material realm. Thanks to his experience and abilities everything really easily overcome. Another would be worried, not you. Do you realize the extent of their own possibilities and thus are strong .. In personal matters may surprise you ice it, how well you use what you have. The simple pleasures of life are at every turn. If you're on your private gains pride, then the law ..

Aquarius (21.1-19.2.)

Dear Aquarius, vanity is a bad counselor. Now is the time when you should take their situation especially with ease and grace. It is not a life, so do not stress yourself. And do not argue. If you go with someone in a serious dispute, you lose. If you wiser for what they can retreat will be the winner in finance .. stumble slightly, but rather it will be buying something small, you really do not need and yet it will not work dud than it was some dispute about the workplace. Rather, he very skillfully and politely popasujete with unfair trader .. In my personal life too begin to insist on some rules. Sure, there are still functional, but time goes by and something is already a bit out of reality or is on its last legs. Key to the current satisfaction lasted as long as the change in the approach to family members ..

Fish (2.20-20.3)

Dear Fish, you need to spray the "living water", you'll get it. It just takes patience and not to show all her emotions. Happiness comes to those of you that can wait. The longer the waiting period, the greater the "bundle" of pleasure to you soon head .. The work and finances it looks like a mess. So, colleagues whether they call themselves what they want, you can do nothing but its own obligations. Activity outside will only hurt. If it is a sphere of money, here is the need to invest in anything that you do not need to survive. Pleasure to do otherwise, now it would be wrong .. Privacy beneficial cathartic early spring solitude. Enjoy wonderful days with themselves. Pamper yourself mentally: cinema, books, theater, concert - whatever you nurture your soul. Body wait ..;-)

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