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Big manual milk teeth: When to use a paste and how to relieve the pain?

Pruning milk teeth only worried about the children. Parents often puzzled about whether and how the temporary dental care, and wonders how to relieve the baby from the pain associated with the growth of teeth. In this article we give you some tips on how to properly care for baby teeth and what resources can be used to care for them.

Correct pronunciation and contribution to the future

The first baby teeth begin to erupt usually at the age of 6-8 months. However, except that the baby is born with tab or vice versa await their first longer than 10 months. Up to one year of age, however, no need to panic if no tooth appears. Only after this time, it is advisable to consult the possible absence of teeth with a pediatrician. Development of baby teeth is usually completed within 3 years of age. "The importance of temporary teeth is often underestimated, although it has a very important role. Thanks to him, the child can gradually start to switch to solid food. It allows you to chew food, making it easy to digest, "explains Klara Minczinger from the company Generica." The presence of the teeth is also required for correct pronunciation and development of the jaws and face. Temporary teeth hold space for permanent. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of them with the same care, "adds Minczinger.

Small mrzoutkům help massage

The first sign by which we can know growing teeth, swollen gums. Then try massaging your baby everything is right at hand. Puts her fingers in her mouth or chewing toys and a relief from pain. However, excess saliva, which is typical for this period. Every child is experiencing growth teeth individually. Much will depend on its nature and on the subjective perception of pain. It can be annoying and tearful, will not last long with no breeze and often requires attention. For example, we can help him special cooling, soothing teether. They are filled with fluid and before use, it is necessary to cool them in the refrigerator. Furthermore, we can massage the baby's gums, whether a clean finger or a special zinc, which is impossible to find in pharmacies or drugstores. To reduce swelling and pain can also be used analgesic cooling gel. Plays a role, of course, our presence and dedication to the baby.

There are only temporarily, but do not underestimate hygiene

Only healthy milk teeth can be a good basis for a lasting healthy teeth. Therefore, we must not neglect in any case care. Hygiene habits must start with the children build as soon as possible. The first teeth cleaned from the moment you come through. First, rub with a washcloth or gauze or a special silicone brush, which is worn on the finger. There are currently a number of brushes designed so that the child could grasp itself and take care of their teeth in the game. The novelty among them is the toy in the shape of a banana equipped with silicon brush. Within 1 year of age should not use toothpaste, then only one that is intended for the youngest children. In any case, we should not scrub teeth while cleaning power, just wipe away plaque that forms on them. This action, however, is very important, because milk teeth caries experience is subject to more than lasting.

Beware of sugars

Until the end of the first year of life the child would ideally not at all taste of sucrose, a beet or cane sugar. If the administration can no longer avoid sugary foods, it is better to look for those containing glucose, which is better for digestion. Even that is not safe for children's teeth. From this perspective, the best choice called xylitol which is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Compared to conventional sugar has also significantly lower in calories and is suitable for diabetics. Adds example, into vitamin drops containing B-complex, which are intended for children, and thus contributes to the maintenance of mineralization children's teeth.

A healthy diet? Healthy teeth!

In addition to regular hygiene is necessary to take care of the child as well as proper nutrition. Appropriate diet obviously plays a big role in the proper growth and development of teeth. "Very important is to ensure that children regular intake of calcium. It is in fact essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, "explains Klara Minczinger." Calcium syrup is suitable for children who can not take dairy diet because suffer from lactose intolerance. Especially with them is difficult to ensure an adequate supply of calcium. For other children it is recommended to cover the increased needs calcium, they feel during their growth, "concludes Minczinger.

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