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Some e-shops after unaware of the new Civil Code

For over a year is an effective new Civil Code, still find e-shops that have caught his existence. It is rather an exception. Of the 200 reviewed e-shops had a mistake in reference to the laws of only 15 of them.

dTest re-examined conditions e-shops. He focused on the correct references to the Civil Code and examined whether e-shops properly inform customers of their rights. "We were pleasantly surprised. Most of those who have erred last year, their conditions corrected, "says Miloš gin and adds:" Since last year did not improve 3 e-shops, and it and that still refer to the invalid Civil Code and shop floor .com, which is erroneous references in the information about the withdrawal. "

Workers Dtest also focused on other businesses with which they have experience of helplines. "We have reviewed over 200 e-shops to which consumers ask in our clinic, or that you checked in our validator," says Juniper and states: " Here, we found errors in references rarely and mostly in minor trades. "The Civil Code and the Law on Consumer Protection store retailers to inform customers mainly about how to make a claim or withdraw from the contract, which are most commonly through business conditions. Incorrect information will confuse consumers and make it difficult to exercise their rights. Enforcing but can what the law allows, for improper trading conditions are then taken into account.

Magazine dTest on its website in an effort to help businesses publish sample claim rules and provides certification of compliance with the law business conditions. "Change references to relevant legislation gives the trader the easiest from him as the law may require, unfortunately, the quality level of the individual circumstances vary enough. We will focus on it in other surveys, "says Juniper.

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