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Good advice for everyday III.

Good advice for everyday III. How to reduce snoring? Try the advice of our grandmothers how to get rid of him. Grate the soap, just very ordinary. Put it in a bag and hang him snoring at night on the neck or place it near to it. Reportedly it works reliably, because the smell of soap suppresses snoring.

Salt on white curtains.
Curtains quickly turn yellow when they smoke in the apartment, because the outdoor emissions and dust. Wash the whitish difficult. To you did it, soak them for at least two hours before washing in a lot of salted water. Then wash in a conventional manner. When it hang at the windows for a white.

Softener into the cabinet.
Pour into a narrow fabric softener bottle and put it into the open corner of the closet. Well it but make (eg duct tape) to spill. Beautifully refreshes entire wardrobe and clothes will smell nice.

Salted candles.
Before you light the wick, first put candles for several hours in a lot of salted water. Then let them air dry, rub! It will not drip wax on them. And in addition, thawed wax around the wick of a candle burning on posolíte, light duration is twice as long.

Onions cough.
With domestic resources to quickly get rid of coughs due cibulovému tea. Put into a pot of water about a half-litru- to a boil, throw in the onions. Not to be peeled, just cut off the rest of the stems and root. Simmer on low heat for about 15 minutes. Then strain, resulting in tea, add a few teaspoons of honey and lemon juice. Flavored broth lose part onion smell. Drink 2 to 3 days, each day ideally two liters. Cough soon disappear. ... After boiling onions into the pot after shutdown could happen lime blossom, elder, mullein and thyme. Smell the onions. After ten minutes, drain.

On the carpet windows.
Spilled tea or other stain on the carpet is not pleasant. Immediately spray stain windows and then wipe with a dry cloth. Sometimes you have to repeat the procedure several times, but mostly you will meet with success.

Washing powder burnt pot.
Another way to easily cope with burnt without much scrubbing, the pepper pot dirty washing powder coating. Then pour it into thirds water and let it boil for a few minutes or a little longer to stand. Then you can just wipe with a sponge for dishes. Pot then you have thoroughly washed with water mixed with vinegar, otherwise it will not get the fresh smell of detergent.

What else can softener.
If you put a few drops on a cloth and wipe it with a TV screen or computer monitor, you will not be for him to sit dust. When fabric softener Brush old wallpaper, will be easy to remove. Do markedly burnt pots pour a little on the bottom and let soak for an hour. If it is mixed with water, it can in the worst case be used as a hair conditioner.

The blackened silver.
Blackened cutlery or jewelry can be quite easy to clean. Just when you put a large enough pot to the bottom of foil and lay on him all you need to clean. Then pour into a pan of boiling water and add a handful of salt. Soak up until you see that they are clean.

Meet boiled egg.
If you mixed up boiled and raw eggs, it is not necessary shattering. Just take a shallow dish and one egg after another spin on it. If the egg spins long and quickly, it means that the egg is cooked. This is because the whole interior is compact and has a fixed center of gravity. If it turns crooked and shortly will be raw.

Stains should be washed as soon as possible in cold water with soap or detergent. Until the stain away, so the water temperature should not exceed 35 ° C, otherwise collide and protein stain becomes irreparable. For dried stains, let soak for 24 hours in cold water and then wash it in cold solution of the addition of enzyme detergent or core
soap. Also quite add salt helps the stain, rub lightly, leave it to take effect, and only then wash in cold water.

How to determine the strength of the coating.
Whether you are painting a wall or lacquer furniture, first find out if he can stay as a base the old paint. If you are unsure whether you will need to remove the original color, incise the first sharp knife into the surface grid, which creates several squares of 1-2 mm. Despite the grid with cellophane tape and tear off. If the majority of squares will remain on the tape, it is advisable to remove the original paint. If the color holds firm may remain. It just before it applied a new layer, clean sand and grit inequality.

Fragrant microwave.
Microwave oven after each use, wipe with a damp cloth. Undesirable odors inside to get rid of it when the device to place the bowl (plate) with hot water and lemon slices. Turn on the oven and heat up until it forms a vapor. Then wipe dry interior.

Cleaning of waste in the sink.
Do sink baking soda (or baking powder) and pour vinegar. While it simmers and beautifully to dissolve grease in the waste.

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