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Finnish sauna helps asthma, infra cleanse the skin and lymph transmutes

Stay in the sauna Czechs still prefer to strengthen their health. Regular sauna has a significantly positive influence especially on the immune system, which many people in the current winter season and the time of flu epidemics particularly appreciate.

Relaxing in the sauna is in addition to detoxify the body and promote the function of the cardiovascular system. Even the sauna has its rules and failure to comply can be damaged. In this article, we introduce the most common types of saunas in the Czech Republic and advise, for whom they are appropriate and how the human body works.

The Finnish sauna will help asthma and allergy

Finnish style sauna is the original method and in the Czech Republic is the most worth visiting. Betting on a combination of high temperatures and drought. "The air temperature in an isolated room can range up to about 120 ° C, the humidity should be as low as 35%. Space is most often inlaid wood and reside in a stove or hot stones, which from time to time watered with water to increase humidity, "says Jaroslava Nemcova, manager of the sauna world's water park Aqualand Moravia, which offers visitors the opportunity to try treatments of the Roman Baths.

In the Finnish sauna, it is necessary to think about a few things. An important rule before entering the hot room is thorough showering a more thorough drying. If you decide to keep the sauna at a lower temperature should not get mercury below 75 ° C. With lower temperatures, in fact increases the humidity, which are loaded with circulatory and respiratory system. "The Finnish sauna is not suitable for patients with thyroid disease, fluctuations in blood pressure or for cardiac patients. On the contrary, it is suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, "says Jaroslava Nemcova. Finnish sauna helps cleanse the body, promotes blood circulation, metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Steam sauna releases the muscles

Steam sauna, unlike the Finnish sauna, relies on high humidity. It is here according to needs of participants to 100%, with the temperature at 45 ° C limit. The maximum temperature in the steam bath should not exceed 60 ° C. Often it is in the herbal vaporizer that releases into the air, the smell of peppermint, eucalyptus and various herbs that help to improve breathing. Steam sauna helps especially those with upper respiratory disease, people with rheumatic complications and those with skin problems. Steam acting on the skin helps to detoxify the body and releasing tight muscles. There is also a skin perfusion. In general, however, people who go to see a steam bath for the first time and have health problems should consult this visit and their personal options with your doctor. Steam sauna also differs from others by its appearance. It is not made of wood or spruce, but usually of fiberglass panels.

Bio sauna to cleanse the upper airways

Bio sauna is golden center for those who do not high temperature and high humidity Finnish steam saunas. The average temperature in the bio sauna is 50-60 ° C and humidity ranging from 30 to 60%. That moisture is a crucial factor in comparison with the steam sauna. Biosauna is suitable for cardiac patients, since the combination of medium sauna temperature and humidity does not cause such a pressure on the proper functioning of the heart and blood circulation. It is also recommended for patients who are treated with disorders of the upper respiratory tract. The main advantage is the possibility of bio regulation of temperature and humidity. You have everything under control and not unduly burden so your body more than necessary. Stay in the bio sauna is recommended between 10 and 15 minutes, and is not suitable for people with acute fungal or febrile illness. To make your stay in the sauna can be used in bio-sauna and herbs and aromatic oils to achieve a higher level of mental relaxation.

Infrared cleans pores and reduces weight

Infrared sauna is a pro rookie. Usually in small wooden booth is located grid as in the Finnish sauna, but special lamps that emit infrared radiation. It penetrates deep into the human body. Sauna quickly heated to operating temperature, which ranges from 40-60 ° C. "Infrared usually surprise. The warming of the tissue from the inside leads to high levels of perspiration, and therefore do not undergo the procedure several times one day. In the long term has a positive effect in reducing the body weight, kick lymphatic circulation and rheumatic problems, "says Jaroslava Nemcova, manager Sauna World Forum Romanum. Infrared also helps to clean the pores, helps regenerate the cells and also encourages athletes in order to warm up the muscles. During the procedure skips the process of quenching organism.

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