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Welcome the year of Sheep. with Jaroslav Dusek and Feng-yűn Song starts

Welcome the year of Sheep. with Jaroslav Dusek and Feng-yűn Song starts Charming Jazz and chansons performed by Feng-yűn and Song Trio PUO, world music, Balkan musicians, violinist Chinese, Indonesian dancers and artists from Mongolia and Japan, in addition to the unique atmosphere and above all witty and affectionate humor Jaroslav Dusek. This will appear on Thursday 12th February in Prague palace Akropolis welcoming the new year, according to the Chinese calendar, the festival

The first festival evening will perform at the Palace Akropolis young progressive world music band Annuluku. The program also attracts dancers from Indonesia, storytelling from Siberia accompanied by didgeridoo or performance of the Balkan trio Cotton or children's art ensemble. "We combine a variety of musical genres, from East to West. We try to create an original and varied mix of various styles and cultures, but without losing the intimate family atmosphere, "says festival founder Feng-yűn Song. Sama Song singer will perform at each concert with Trio PUO with folk songs from China in a jazz twist. In central Bohemia and Moravia in addition to their repertoire of songs complement Antonin Dvorak and Leos Janacek Czech and Chinese translation, with piano accompaniment by Lenka Navratilova.

On stage will also be the "spiritual godfather" of the festival, actor and master of improvisation Jaroslav Dusek. "With Jaroslav Dusek and cooperate with pally over twenty years. Contributes significantly to the ingenuity of the entire and their exquisite unique humor and completely open minds perfectly plays the role of "intercultural communicator," says Song. will take 12 to 28 second 2015 always from Thursday to Saturday.

Say goodbye to the year Horses and celebrate the New Year Sheep with music and good fun to help people in nine cities - Bohemia and Moravia. After the initial Prague comes Plzeň and Hradec Králové, then the action moves to Moravia in Olomouc, Brno and Znojmo and the final three concerts will take place in Pisek, Czech Budejovice Czech Krumlov. In South Bohemia in the new role of moderator will introduce known songwriter, writer and globetrotter Jan Burian.

In each of the nine cities are also planning afternoon varied entertainment program for children and adults. From 16 am to 18:30 open to the public free of charge so. Games Pavilion, which offers entertainment full of creativity and relaxation. "As we welcome the year of the sheep, children will be able to make your own luck sheep for wool from the right. Children of parents under the guidance of our teachers and dancers will be able to learn drumming or dancing style afro, "Song lists.

There will also be stylish and healthy snacks from vegetarian delicacies to live raw food diet. Visitors will be able to sample quality teas from around the world and learn the secrets of good tea. In Znojmo, then comes the tasting wines.

BONUS - Horoscope for people born under the sign of Sheep

1943: Financial stability, no big change in the work. It is necessary to pay attention but rather on health.
1955: Year of luck. The appropriate time for the glory and benefit. Beware of interpersonal relations, in particular relations with people in the same sign.
1967: Average year. No significant change in the work. It is necessary to avoid abuses in interpersonal relationships. More attention should be given to the family.
1979: A good year financially. People living in the bundle should avoid unhealthy relationships. Free people have a chance.
1991: The year of hard work, hope for a shift in work and career. Beware of interpersonal relationships, to avoid abuses.
2003: Year of study. It's good to devote more time to artistic pursuits.

You were born under the sign of sheep? And you know your element?

Sheep "fire": 13. 2. 1907 - 1. 2. 1908 9. 2. 1967 - 29. 1. 1968
Sheep "earthy": 1. 2. 1919 - 19. 2. 1920 and 28. 1. 1979 - 15. 2. 1980
Sheep "metallic": 17. 2. 1931 - 2.5 1932 15. 2. 1991 - 3. 2. 1992
Sheep "water": 5. 2. 1943 - 24. 1. 1944 1. 2. 2003 - 21. 1. 2004
Sheep "wood": 24. 1. 1955 - 11. 2. 1956 19. 2. 2015 - 7. 2. 2016

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