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Festival of Lights illuminates Plzeň

Festival of Lights illuminates Plzeň Videomapping, light installations, interactive objects and other artwork associated with light dominate on Friday and Saturday, February 20 and 21 Plzeň.

In many places along the river Radbuzy held as part of the Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 Festival of Light.
His program prepares just Plzen team in 2015 in cooperation with Prague festival Signal, which the British newspaper The Guardian ranked among the top ten European similarly oriented shows.

His works based on the work of the light will be showing how local artists such as David Černý (light sculpture Speederman), Jakub begrudge š (videosocha sound Transmitter), Rony Plesl (Figure chandelier Uranium), Vladimir and David Vrbík 518 (SPAM Interpretation monochrome structures Zdenek Sykora), students of the Faculty of Design and Arts Ladislav Sutnar Gabriela Matušková, Stephen Svoboda and Stephen Kuczman (interactive installation Hearts) as well as from abroad - a group of architects and designers from Strasbourg AV Exciters (videomapping La Plante), a Japanese artist Hiroko Matsushita (performance Shadows ) and Kazumi Kashimura (installation Light Bottles), a German maker Axel T. Schmidt (site specific installation Die Herde) or a pair of Irish artists Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett (light sculpture Cloud).

Admission to the festival is free, all installations will be on display on both days 18:00-23:30 pm and the whole route can handle a pleasant evening stroll.

"The Festival of Light is an important part of one of the pillars of the Pilsen 2015 project called public spaces. Thanks to the artists try to see familiar places literally in a new light and create the intense relationship to the place where we live, "says program director Pilsen 2015 George Sulženko.

At the Festival of Light appears as the original, yet nowhere unlisted works and installations which, although seen by visitors Signal Prague festival, but thanks to new places get essentially a "new form".

"Location is doing its work and is able to get into a new context, which has significantly different impression," says festival director Martin Signal Mail. Signal Festival, which has become the most popular cultural events in the Czech Republic, last year saw 430,000 visitors. In Pilsen introduce 10 installation, half is created specifically for this year's Festival of Lights. An important element of a series of works become visitors themselves. "We will not forget nor is an interactive light installation that draws the viewer into the game," Martin attracts Mail.

The axis of the festival becomes a river Radbuza. "The route between the premises and DEPO2015 brewery is adventurous and challenging installations show how a wide range of features play with light," says George Sulženko. Specific places where people can find the installation are DEPO2015, paper mill, the Millennium Bridge course at Radbuzy between the depot and the swimming pool, Korandův Choir, Church of the Assumption, West Bohemian Museum, building "Skyscraper" BCB subway Tyršovy street Štruncovy sets, courtyard Pilsner Urquell brewery cellars and Pilsner Urquell, where visitors will be able to see for the first time in the history of the brewery.

Detailed information and other attractions can be found here.

Source: tz
Photo: Signal festival, author: Michal Ureš

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