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Good advice for everyday IV.

Good advice for everyday IV. To strengthen immunity: Whenever you feel that you »something crawling« Attach a hot water bottle on your chest. Exactly below the sternum is thymus, which produces T-lymphocytes, the cells which are the basis functions of the organism defense. Heat strengthen their activities.

Banana insomnia.
If you suffer from insomnia, so try about half an hour before bed eat 1-2 bananas and drink it lukewarm milk. Both ingredients together and you can puree. This cocktail has proven effect. Attention will work but only in that case, if it do not add sugar!

Flour clean chrome.

Chromed devices such as toasters are difficult to clean, especially when they include baked-on grime. They will shine like new again when clean cloth to moisten first and then sprinkle with flour.

Broom leaning against a wall.
It happens to you, just like most of us, that when cleaning the need to rely broom or brush it on the wall and jump to the ground? To avoid this easily. Use your finger from old rubber gloves and trim it about three centimeters strip. Put It on stick and then brush lasts on each wall.

Creaky hinges.

From time to time all hinges on the doors and cabinets are lubricated. When you're away from an appropriate lubricant or grease in a spray, use common hairspray. Hanging hinges lightly spray, just very slightly. A problem solved.

Milk plant.

All our houseplants get a gorgeous healthy glow when they are treated with mulled milk. Do it soak a soft cloth to wipe each leaf individually. At the same time, of course get rid of dust, which is then the plants will accumulate to a lesser extent.
If I can advise you on the leaves of plants also works: When you eat a banana, banana peel and wipe the leaves of plants - really works.
One more council with a banana skin: If you run home shoe polish, try again banana peels. Gloss is guaranteed.

Newspapers in the sink.

Dingy and dirty stainless steel sinks can be cleaned without chemicals. If it is still wet scrub crumpled newsprint, left no stain on them.

Salt on shoes.
Maps of salt on shoes quickly and easily remove when it is removed with a cloth dipped in vinegar. Remember footwear then nakrémovat. Vinegar smell will disappear.
I recommend this advice to forget the winter!

Chrom clean aluminum foil.

Chrome parts household furniture, such as bathroom racks, legs of chairs, tables etc. can be cleaned with aluminum foil. The role will always tear off a piece and wipe most chrome dimmer side of aluminum foil. Very quickly gets chrome back its original shine.

Hanger with suction cup.

Practical hangers with suction cup can be placed anywhere without drilling or hammering nails. So as to hold first clean surface spray hairspray, wait for about three seconds and then press the hanger. I would not fall.

Safely on the nail.

If you're worried that when hammering a nail injure yourself, use an ordinary comb. Nail slide between teeth and hold the handle. Then přitloukejte without worrying about your thumb or forefinger.

Pass the cavity.

In order to clear his good runny sinuses, boil the potatoes in their skins. Fold the scarf as a wide headband, then place the plastic bag and cloth handkerchief. Still hot potato peel, mash and place it on a handkerchief. Ready scarf tie, so that potatoes worked directly on the skin. Leave on for about half an hour.

White socks.
If you have a home doctor, nurse or tennis player, you know that consumption of white socks that are easy to leaven and color is no longer white. Just when you buy at the drugstore borax (sodium borate) and pour a few tablespoons into hot water. There sqrt socks and wash the usual way.

Lacquered umbrella.
Umbrella will last longer and you will be better protected from the rain when it prior to using spray with hairspray and let dry. Substance lose porosity and better impregnated. Spraying prefer to perform outside the apartment, perhaps on the balcony or in the garden.

French fries in milk.
If you are preparing at home fries, try them before frying soaked in milk. Just dip the sliced ​​potatoes for 20 minutes. This trick prevents frying oils absorb as much as in a normal preparation and will be less fatty fries.

Wax for furniture.

When you were spilled wax on furniture, do not scrape it with a knife, you could damage the furniture. Warm Spot hairdryer and then wipe off with a cloth. Then moisten a cloth with vinegar and another place where the wax coat. Furniture will be just fine.

Tangled chains.
Saved chains often tangle and knot to untie them not, each eye is about seizing themselves. Therefore take ordinary oil and a bit of a drop nodule. Wait a few seconds and then chain to the balance sheet.

Clean suede.
On dingy and dirty shoes do not have to buy a special preparation is enough to spray foam carpet cleaning. After drying, foam brush and suede will be like new.

Peeling garlic.

When you put garlic in the freezer for a while, see how easy it then peel. And if after the meal you will smell from the mouth, chew just three coffee beans and you have a problem.

Shiny mirror.

To his polishing had less work, soak a cloth in strong black tea (unsweetened), wring it a mirror polish. Not only disappear all the dirt, but the mirror will shine like new.

Solamyl stain.

If you get a coffee stain on the tablecloth, immediately sprinkle it abundantly Solamylem. Cornstarch to soak up all the dirt. Then wash cloth in a conventional manner.

Citron banish odors.

First of all, wood or plastic cutting boards for meat, but also plastic dishes easily and takes over the long term smell of fish, onions and other aromatic ingredients that you use in the kitchen. Unpleasant smell you get rid of when you rub a few times cut in half or squeezed lemon.

Cold feet.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of cold feet, massage roller. Drive it around your feet for 3 minutes. The roller has one more beneficial effect. It will help you stretch tendons, so you will easily go.

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